Monday, September 20, 2010

...I was just wondering?

There are several things I don't understand in life. I'm probably not supposed to, but maybe one day I'll be able to find out the REAL answer to life's questions:

- Why is it that we get in our cars and think that no one can see us? I'll admit I love singing in my car- even without any music. Don't you think it looks even funnier when other people can't hear what's going on inside but it looks like you are just talking to yourself? And I have no doubt that you seen at least 10 people in your lifetime... um... picking at things such as a scab, zit, or their nose. awesome.

-Why is it that when we have days/a few hours off there's either a) too much to do or b) not enough hours in the day to do nothing? I used to get bored when I didn't have enough to do but now- I'm just plain lazy on those days. I usually will take a nap (or two) or watch TV. But there just isn't enough time to finish this laziness. This situation doesn't happen very often- mostly it's a that effects me... and the best part is when I do have this time to do things I lack the motivation to do them. (confession: sometimes this is when my best blogging ideas come and I have to write them down before they leave.) What is this?!

- Why is it that all the big expenses happen at once? Like Tires, an Oil Change, Registration, Books, School, etc... Seriously. When I decide "Oh I've bene really good about saving money lately- I'll go ahead and buy that new dress. It's fine..." Then BAM! All these things come up and you shouldn't have bought that $20 dress because you need $500 to cover all this. seriously?

-Why is it that on days that assignments are due, computers don't work? The other day I had an extra hour before a photoshop class. I was pretty happy because I didn't want to have to finish it in class (I don't have CS5 on my home computer) Don't worry that I went to one lab and after logging in to the Windows side (accidently) it didn't have CS5, then I logged out and went to the Mac side and it didn't have the program. So, I went to another lab and tried to log in and it wasn't working. The lab aide wasn't of much help she said the computers just sometimes don't work so I was out of luck. Needless to say- I barely made it to class on time after that. Don't worry I'm finishing my assignments the night before now. Sheesh...