Thursday, October 4, 2012

Education ridiculousness

Sitting at work and thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing really brings to mind the things I COULD be doing... like blogging.

Here's the latest ramblings in my head:

School started this past month. Not like I'm in school right now, but I work at the school, so it's a big deal.

Basically I go to classes all day with the Deaf students and interpret the lectures and class discussions.

I love my job most days... most days.

Working at the school makes me slightly miss it. I'm thinking about going back and getting a Masters in Education or Professional Communication. I get a good deal on tuition, working at the school and we don't have kids so it would be a good time.

You wanna know what's stopping me?  Really.. it's kind of ridiculous and embarrasing.

I look at the requirements to apply (no. the requirements to get in... to APPLY) and they scare me.

First off- the GRE. I have a dislike for standardized tests. They just don't appeal to me- especially ones you have to pay in the neighborhood of $200. (Thus why I haven't taken my National Interpreter Certification Test... there are 2 parts and EACH PART is about $300 each. Makes me want to vomit!)
I just can't do it...

Next- The essay. What do you even write about? Where do you start? I can do an interview because I can read their body language and see how things are going... but writing? I don't think I can do it. Nervous!

Lastly, I have to go to class. Silly I know.. but again, I already work here. Do I want to commit to spending at least 6 more hours here a week? Not sure...

Anyway... there are my reasons. I can get over it.. I just have to decide how bad I really want it... and if I don't- I should probably get on the National Certification- eh?