Monday, November 22, 2010

... lessons were learned on the journey to and from the Happiest Place on Earth?

I was talking to a friend the other day (yes, I do have friends.) and he made an interesting point. Maybe not what he was getting at, but it's what I got from it. Basically, things that influence you positively don't just happen then end, they become a part of a learning process. Things that are good like being with your family- don't just happen once and end- it happens again and again so things can be learned, whereas the joy of a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich ends when you take the last bite (and the guilt of how long you have to run on the tradmill for begins). It's sad, really.

This last weekend I was in California for a short Disneyland trip with my 15-year-old brother, Taylor; my 18-year-old sister, Kaleigh; and my boyfriend, Rick. It was a pretty enjoyable trip. I'm a fan of forgetting life, acting like I'm 5 when I see a giant Pluto dressed up like a reindeer, and spending ridiculous amounts of money on food. But, in order to make the most of an experience like this, lessons must be learned that can influence life positively... So, here's my list:

1. No matter how much you say you don't normally get that wet on Splash Mountain, at 11:00 pm- EVERYONE gets wet.

2. Churros are WAY over-priced, but SO worth it.

3. Really, all food at Disneyland is over-priced, but they can because they're Disney.

4. The 40-minute wait for Toy Story Mania, is totally worth it. Best. Ride. Ever.

5. To work at Disneyland, you must love your job. Really. It's the great people that work there, that make it the best. I love the cheesy jokes on Jungle Cruise, or how they call us "Space Explorers" on Space Mountain, and the bell-hop's on Tower of Terror with their dry humor.

6. The Aladdin show is great. I think people forget about it- but it's amazing.

7. It's basically impossible to get a picture in front of the castle without some random person in the background.

8. No matter how bad you want to stay until the park closes, and no matter how tired you don't think you will be- by 7:00- tiredness sets in, 8:30- a small second wind, 9:30- walking zombie, 10:30- okay, two, 11:00- Do NOT go on Splash mountain.

9. The lines are always long for the tram ride to your car. always.

10. If ever in a nuclear snowstorm, don't count on Beaver, Utah to have enough Hotel rooms for you. Be safe- stop in Cedar City.

Oh... one last one: Don't leave a research paper until the day you get home when it's due the next day. Is it even possible to find 10 sources on this?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

...I was going to Disneyland?

That's right.

14 days.

In 14 days I'm outta here.

I'm forgetting that I have school

Taking work off.

Deciding not to be a poor college student for a weekend...

and going to the happies place on earth.

No kidding. I'm convinced that Disneyland is Magic. I'm pretty content with this... and I get to go with some pretty great people too, which makes my life complete.

Disneyland-- We shall meet again soon.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...the holiday season was here?

23 days until Thanksgiving

53 days until Christmas

It's just countdown heaven here. Who says people just skip Thanksgiving and move onto Christmas? You can celebrate BOTH at the same time! Don't worry I have a countdown on my computer until the end of the semester.