Monday, August 30, 2010

...I learned something useful in college?

I have been going to school for at least 17 years of my life. The knowledge I have gained is practical. I know that. Well... mostly. You know when you are in Stats and they ask you how many socks do you have to pull out of a drawer in order to get a match and you think to yourself "Why not just buy all white socks or all black socks? Or Really why does it even matter in the first place that they match because it doesn't look all that great with shorts and socks anyway?" Those are the reasons I go to school. To learn how to match socks.

Anyway- I've re-discovered what I love about school.

First, a secret: I don't really listen to music on the radio a whole lot. I'm a wierdo and sorta prefer either a) silence or b) talk radio. I like listening to things that make me feel smarter about the world (sometimes listening to the thoughts in my head count as that). So, as I'm listening to KSL radio today, they are debating over the value of the dollar going down, the need for a $2 coin, and really the obsoleteness of cash in general- one of the debators uses the phrase "There are no free lunches." Now... you might think: "Mickelle, you are crazy! Of all the things you could remember from this experience- you remember that." But... on the contrary, this is what I love about school: When something from school actually applies to real life! "There are no free lunches" is a phrase we learned about last semester in my Econ class. Basically, he was saying: Just because it seems cheaper to use cash because stores aren't being bombarded by credit card fees, in reality the cost of counting the cash several times, printing the cash, transporting the cash, and everything else in relation to the use of cash, is much more of a hassle than just letting someone use their card and charging the store a small fee. (That was a long sentence. I'd better get on that BusComm class.)

It doesn't happen often but it does happen... apparently all this is supposed to equal to one amazing piece of paper that lets you get a job that this kind of stuff happens more often.

I'd be okay with that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...people didn't call each other by their names?

Have you ever noticed this?

This is just an observation.

Guys call everyone either "Man" or "Dude". My boyfriend, in saying something really exciting, will say even to me something like, "Dude, you're never going to belive this!" It kind of makes me laugh... Then I realized... Girls are even worse.

Girls tend to chose pet names for everyone- Especially other girl-friends! Girls like to use names like "Love", "Girl", "Hon", "Sweet girl/boy", and "Lady" (as in "Hey, Lady! How are you?":). Now that I recognize it. It makes me laugh. Confession: Sometimes I catch myself even doing this... not often- but sometimes.

I'm okay with it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...the giant volcano slide in Wilsonville was a disappointment?

This is the slide I've been wanting to go down since I saw it in the summer of 2008... Finally my dreams were realized last weekend-- and those dreams turned out to be much better than the actual experience.

**Word on the street is that it's better to go down with cardboard. There was a pile of cardboard at the bottom of the slide so I asumed the rumors must be true.

False. It's better to go down with slippery shorts on- as we found out later thanks to my friend, Sandy's wardrobe choice. I'm glad I got to share this great moment with her.

On a brighter note about my weekend excursion to Oregon- I also learned that Ice Cream is much better when eaten with Chopsticks.

Another reason why I love Chang's Mongolian Grill.