Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...I was 100% sick of language that makes me want to cry?

Dear Auto shop students at work,

Please learn how to speak in an intelligent manner. Please? I know it might take a stretch to think of other words you could use—and even more of a stretch to think of topics other than R-rated horror movies, porn, and what you and others like to do to girls but honestly I don’t appreciate it. It makes me sick and just because I’m “just the interpreter” that sits in the corner and does homework doesn’t mean I can’t hear you. It doesn’t mean I don’t get offended when you talk like that. It doesn't mean it doesn't make me want to cry… and really? You should just stop. It makes me even more sad when I hear girls with language that is just as bad or even worse than the guys. Honestly, I’m pretty sure you don’t even know how to use any of those words right… do you even know what they mean? Really? You don’t sound like gangster. You don’t sound cool. You don’t sound attractive… It really isn’t any of those things. I just have one question for you… Why?

You sound ridiculous… I’m just saying. Go ahead and judge...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

...Mickelle had a little lamb?

Meet Joey.
My roommate, Lindsey named him. He is awesome. Joey has had a hard life and here is his story:

My friend is moving to Texas soon so she asked if I wanted to come over to look through some things she was getting rid of. Going through the pile of kitchen items was great- I got a small pot (finally don't have to use the huge pot to make one box of Mac and Cheese), a splatter cover (name? who doesn't need one of those!), a few cookie sheets, brownie pans, and a few other kitchen items. Basically I was pretty satisfied with my collection until... I saw it! The creme de la creme of all kitchen items: Joey's mother! It was basically amazing... really. How many LAMB PANS can you find in your life? I know... and if you make it with white cake, white frosting, and shredded coconut you might think you're looking at Mary's companion herself. Don't you worry- I snagged that right up and thus JOEY was born. Joey is a funfetti cake. Joey has Cream Cheese frosting. Joey has melted chocolate detailing (you would never know that I really DO know how to decorate cakes- I didn't have any of my stuff though). He also has red raspberry jelly filing- just for fun. We surpised Lacy with him last night... I don't think she was impressed. We had a carving of the lamb ceremony. Special thanks to Lindsey for serving as Honorary Executioner. Joey you will be missed by all...

In memory of Joey the Lamb; 1/22/2010; 3:27 pm- 7:42 pm

Friday, January 22, 2010

...I was un-entertaining?

Sometimes I just have the urge to blog. I don't know what it is... it's just like need that I need to get on the computer and write something random for all to see and roll their eyes at. I try to think of something interesting, amusing, or fun to write about and that's about where it stops. All through my day I think "Wow that would be something to blog about" WRONG... why? because by the time I get anywhere I will have already forgotten it and really it probably wasn't too interesting anyway because pretty much I'm at work all day. My day of work consists of going to a Math class-- sitting while my student does his work (it's a self-paced class) usually I engross myself in my Marketing homework. (thrilling.) This sitting is sometimes interupted when the teacher has an announcement or the student has a question. Then it's off to the Auto shop (one day you WILL hear about that) where, once again the siting resumes. Sometimes this aforementioned urge hits while I'm reading my Marketing book, or maybe while I'm hitting up the March 2005 Readers Digest (We have a billion old issues that I steal to take to work.)... if I'm lucky it's while I'm doing my accounting homework. Don't you all wish I actually wrote these thoughts and posted them? Yeah me too... Although they might bring up some pretty scary perceptions of me. So be glad I am in control of my blogging bug. Be glad the world does not have to deal with the fact that I am obsessed... at least in public. It's pretty awesome... once I satisfy this intate need to blog later in the day when I am more sane, I can move on with my life.
P.S. I really do love my job... Where else do you get paid to do homework and read Readers Digest? And I love that I get use my ASL every day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

...I had internet at work again and it made me so happy?

Wednesday night I get a call from my boss.

Boss: Hey- I'm going to change your schedule. I'm going to have you work more hours (=more $$ yay!) at . Is that okay?
Me: Sounds great. So this means my Thursday/Friday job at will be covered by someone else?
Boss: yup.
Me: Perfect.

The End.
I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing seeing as how I'm kind of ADD and kind of really like to just not do homework. I have several online classes (one of which I just realized I might have missed like 3 assignments because things were posted in a different place than normal) so it will be good.
So basically the point of this is:
Mickelle gets internet at work. The End. :)
Love it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

...I knew what sticky hands were made out of?

Don't worry all you people out there...The world is now safe with the knowledge I am about to reveal to you. I was informed today- by a very reliable source**- what sticky hands were made from. Ready? "Sticky hands are made from sticky stuff all rolled up then they put glue on the outside."

Whew! Glad THAT mystery is solved.

**My 5-year-old brother who is pretty sure he knows everything.

Friday, January 15, 2010

…when I was 5 and used to think that 16 was old?

…And by the time Barbie was 18 she had a husband (Ken of course- Fun Shavin’ Ken was the best) and 3 kids (including a full-grown adult Barbie doll as the oldest, the medium sized Kelly as the middle child, and a plastic haired little baby Barbie- sometimes substituted with Lego people. I never had a Skipper.) If 16 is old… and by 18 I should have all of life’s necessities- by that I mean a dream house, a husband, 3 kids, qualifications for several jobs (including doctor, lawyer, dentist, and circus animal trainer)- I must have really failed at life.

So in order to make myself feel better for turning 24 today I’ve decided to make a list (I should add “making lists” to my list of obsessions) of accomplishments in my life. Starting from the beginning:

1- Being born on MLK, Jr.’s Birthday- or maybe he was lucky to be born on MINE. Really and just being born in general. It’s tough stuff. (Confession: When I was little I thought I was born on a king’s birthday. It’s true)
2- Learning to walk
3- Learning to read (and by the ripe old of age of 3, I might add. Laura Ingalls Wilder was my author of choice by the age of 5.)
4- Graduating from 2 different preschools (I was just that smart- see above)
5- Finally figuring out what my “Jaw bone” was in Kindergarten- as well as learning to count past 100… 101, 102,103, 104, 105…
6- Being a pretty slick jump roper back in the day. I was tough to beat with my amazing “Teddy Bear” routine- complete with ”tying” my shoes and turning off the light.
7- 4th grade. State Geography Bee. Need I say more? Except all I got was a free pair of skiing tickets—LAAAAMME (for a 10 year old) I sold them to my neighbor for a whopping $30. Hello Easy Bake Oven!
8- Being the cool kid on the block in the Home school group. It’s true… not even lying.
9- Taking quilting 6 times in High School… maybe I liked that class. Don’t judge- just remember #8.
10- Receiving the Guide Dogs for the Blind Youth Scholarship
11- “The Music Man” Chorus member. “Trouble. With a capitol T. That rhymes with P. and that stands for POOOOOOOOLLLL!”
12- Decided that my top favorite musical of all time is Bye Bye Birdie.
13- Took a year and a half of French. Only to remember “Je suis ananana” translated to mean “I am a pineapple”
14- Graduating High School; Graduation- Thumbs down. Diploma- Thumbs up. Awesome tassel made from yellow yarn- priceless. (true story)
15- Being able to tell the different *NSYNC member by their voice. (Tested my skills a few weeks ago. I still got it. BSB I was mostly good. 98* Semi good)
16- Musical genius that I am… 14 years of piano lessons, 3 years of flute (I quit because it was too easy), and learning to play the harmonica and the kazoo all on my own (not at the same time) and I can still play all of them competently.
17- Raising 8 Guide Dog Puppies… 2 working Guide Dogs (Judith and Maryjo), 4 Career Changes (Vinnie, Novak, Cessna, and Marcella), and 2 in the undecided stages (Monet and Joaquin). P.S. I might be a nerd. But it’s fine. I will NEVER be a crazy dog lady- my limit is 2.
18- Never once getting a cavity.
19- One word: Braces.
20- Passing Math 1030 with an almost A.
21- Serving in the most amazing mission ever. OPM!!
22- Learning ASL. Kind of forced on me by #18 but I love it anyway.
23- Becoming an interpreter even after I swore I never would after a semester in the Program at SLCC… Good thing #18 and #19 happened.
24- Blowing 3 head gaskets in 5 years- and two of them in one day. Impossible you say? I say nay. Don’t worry… no more shall I wait so long for an oil change.
25- Attending EFY 4 times as a participant and 1 time attending YFE in Nauvoo, ILL which leads to #20
26- Being an EFY counselor. Getting 3 hours of sleep every night, walking at least 6 miles a day, dancing for 3 hours 2 times a week, eating the same food every day for 8 weeks including pizza/junk food every Wednesday night until you want to be sick, trying to pump up 30-50 teenagers who sometimes don’t want to be there- can I just say BEST JOB EVER!
27- Associates Degree. I make fun of it- but it’s a mile marker and now I have a real tassel (that’s not made out of yarn) like the cool kids to hang in my rearview mirror.
28- 2 weeks ago I folded my clothes right after they came out of the dryer. Not so for last week… or this week.
29- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. This one time I did the whole thing and didn’t want to die after. I wish that was a daily occurrence- usually I want to die after. Its fine.
30- Making it to 24. The End.

Take all that, put it on a pink serving tray, cut it into nice appetizer size pieces, put a napkin in your lap, and eat it, Barbie.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

...it hurt to WATCH?

For those of you who aren't priviledged to be Facebook friends with me (because that's how you know you're REAL friends... yeah?) Here is my adorable little brother and his talent... He's 5 years old- and no he's not in gymnastics- after this maybe he should be.
(P.S. apologies for the quality and the roatation- I can't for the life of me figure out how to flip it...)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

...I loved Dance Parties? Always and Forever

How to have a Dance Party:

1. Pick a location: This does not need to be planned in advance- but some suggestions are:
  • In the Car; my favorite. Just dance it up
  • In the Kitchen; while doing the dishes is best
  • In your Room; Great for all out dance moves
  • In the Grocery Store; For an extra awesome experience
  • In the Church Parking lot; P.S. Amazing! Especially with cars driving past you
  • At a planned Dance Party...
2. Pick a song: Again- this does not need to be planned in advance but a major rule is you cannot let a designated Dance party song go by on the radio without dancing it out.. Some Suggestions are: (go ahead judge all you want.)
  • "You can't stop the Beat"- Hairspray
  • "Nobody's Perfect"- Miley Cyrus (or maybe that's Hannah singing...?)
  • "You and Me" - Plain White T's
  • "You Gotta Be Sincere"- Bye Bye Birdie
  • "Mama Mia"-Abba
  • "Thriller"- Gotta throw a little MJ in the mix
  • "Here We Go" -*NSync
  • "Man, I feel like a Woman" -Shania Twain
  • "1,2,3,4" -Plain White T's
  • "We Go Together" - Grease

and for all you EFY folks out there where it's mandatory to dance party with:

  • "We Like to Party" -Venga Boys (EAT IT!)
  • "Move it Like This" - Baha Men (I can shake it like that!!)
  • "Best Years of our Lives" - Baha Men (Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh!)
  • "The Party's just Begun" -Cheetah Girls (Rawr, Rawr!)
3. DANCE! You can throw a little- or a lot- of lipsynching... or just rock it out! The magnitude of the Dance Party is up to you... just if it's in a car- don't run yourself or others off the road. I will not be held responsible for that...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

...adjectives were everywhere?

Q: How many different adjectives can be in one classified ad?

A: See for yourself:

"This Remarkable style of home includes 2 Splendid bedrooms and 1 Fantastic bathroom. You’ll enjoy its Tremendous yard and Wonderful location."

And that's just 2 sentences worth... Looks like Webster found a new career...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...Sherylee The-most-Amazing-girl-ever Erickson was called to the OPM?

Oh yes. It's that great that I have to blog about it. So a little background...

As a Missionary for the church it's volunteer-especially for the girls. There are LOTS more boys than girls that serve missions. The fact we pay our own way- which can be quite expensive considering it's about $400 a month for 18-24 months- makes it even harder. It's SOOO worth it though- one of the best things I've ever done in my life. But the thing is- you don't know where you will be called to serve your mission. You don't even get a request- you can imagine the wait is torture and when the big white envelope comes you can't open it fast enough to find out where you will be living for the next long while. I was SOOOOOOO lucky to get to serve in the Oregon Portland Mission (OPM)- aka the Only Perfect Mission- specifically assigned to speak ASL and work with the Deaf community up there. I loved it so much an was able to make so many friends...

Anyway... my friend got her mission call today to the BEST mission ever... yes. That's right! I'm freaking outright now because she gets to go play in P-town! And not just any part of P-Town but in my Deaf areas!!!!!! AUGH!!!

So basically I had to "Ahhhhhhhhhh" for Sherylee... Look out Portland- here comes Sista Erickson!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...there was a creeper at Maverik?

Dear Creeper at Maverik-

When I went to get gas last night I thought it would be normal. I thought. I pulled into the Maverik station and started filling with my normal unleaded gasoline... then you showed up and had to ruin my consentration. "Hi! How are you?"... now that it's a fine question. "Where are you going?" That was my first tip off that you might be a creeper... it's a fine question for a plane...a train... or even a bus- but at a gas station? "Where do you work?"...my confirmation that indeed, I did have a creeper either a) hitting on me (NOT the way to do it. Can you say Interrogation?) or b) trying to follow me home to do unspeakable things. (maybe you're just a "nice guy"- maybe nice isn't the word... friendly?- but still deserve the label creeper.) And as I put the gas handle back and jumped in my car as fast as I could (without my reciept or writing down anything in relation to how much I spent. Okay. I'm OCD. I have a Gas Log. It's fine.) - I could barely hear your last question of "What do you do for work?"... Don't worry I took the long way home and made sure you didn't follow me home. I won't give in to your creeper ways. So, please Mr. Creeper- don't creep around me again.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

...I was slightly scared for next semester?

That is all. I looked at the syllabus for my Marketing class and that sent my poor brain into scared mode. P.S. to teachers If you want your students to do well... don't scare them. They might freak out before the first assignment is due... not good. It will be good though- lots will be learned and life will be busy. I'm just really glad I have a job I can study at. (love it!)
So... Starting tomorrow the races begin. The organization of the backpack, the planner filled out with due dates, and the race to the last parking space on all of the WSU campus (true story!) begins... and Spring Semester 2010 I say unto you:

Bring it on...bring it on- but not too hard because I really want to pass...and I really want that last parking spot too...

...I loved Bubble Wrap?

So... you might think I'm slightly crazy but I love it. Bubble wrap is awesome... In fact in a few weeks I think I'm going to have a 100 things to do with bubble wrap party but I need some ideas. So far what we have is:
*Sledding: Who doesn't want to sled down a hill on a sheet of popping plastic bubbles? Really?
*Timed contest: This can be done with wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and rolling on the ground to see who can pop the most or- the more traditional- with your hands.
okay that might be all I have... I need a 100 things to do with bubble wrap- because who wants to come to a "2 things to do with bubble wrap" party?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

...I hadn't blogged since last year?

I never get tired of that joke. Really... it's true. I think I say it every year to every one. It's fine.

So... I think I might have to add to my obsession list. It might be getting out of control... maybe one day I'll whittle it down- but until then- I'll enjoy adding to the minagerie of things I dwell on on a regular basis. So here's, Obsessions; take two:
-The Pizza Factory; who doesn't like giant twists of breakstick on a stick and FABULOUS Zuchinni noodles? I might or might not be slowly converting my friends so when we ask "Where should we go for dinner?" they all think "PIZZA FACTORY" for those who don't live in Utah- it's shame.

-Gilmore Girls; This should have been on my previous list. Basically I'm moving to Stars Hollow, CT to live out the rest of my life. I'll marry Kirk or Meshel or something-- orrrrr not and maybe I just live in Lorelai's basement. Emily should have an extra room or two...Thanks to Annicka for this one. It's like a disease- an amazing disease that makes me love Gilmore Girls.

-My Puppies; at the risk of sounding like a "dog lady"... I do. I love my puppies. But really- who couldn't love them? really... Okay. I admit there are 3 dogs currently in my life on a daily basis- but it's fine. Only one of them is really mine and he lives with my parents. it's fine. The other two are my Guide Dog Puppies... so it's fine...

-Ticket to Ride; Basically my new game I love. if you haven't played- you should. Fun times will be had by all--- seriously Lindsey (my roommate) and I played like 7 times last night at her sisters house.

Maybe I should end this- at risk of disclosing too much information- I have to remain somewhat mysterious... you can't all know that I'm seriously OCD. It could happen that you might already know that- but it's fine.