Friday, December 24, 2010

... I got engaged last night and it was great?

I got a ring and it's official.

I think I'll keep it... and the boy that comes with it. He's pretty great.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...Christmas music was the best?

I love Christmas music.

It makes me happy.

Because of this joy- I had to dig my Christmas CD's out of my closet to keep in my car in the event that the two radio stations that play Christmas music 24/7 are both on commercial break at the same time, and I'm in need of some music. I'm not a CD addict so I only have a few- but the few that I have are definitely quality tunes:

  • Sounds of the Season; this has various popular artists such as The Spice Girls and Hanson- See? Quality.
  • My Kind of Christmas; Christina Aguilera. Once again- FAN-tastic.
  • This Christmas; 98 Dregrees. (I always wished there was a degree symbol on the keyboard so I could type it correctly) One word: Acapella
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays; *NSYNC. My #1 favorite boyband when I was 16 + my number one favorite kind of music... Oh man, Can I handle this? I'm willing to attempt.

This, my friends, is my holiday soundtrack... and let me tell you what a wonderful soundtrack it is. Don't even ask when I bought them.

I was actually listening to them the other day (I'm not kididing. I do listen to them) and I realized how awesomely cheesy they really are. Pop music lyrics (especially the boyband lyrics) are cheesy enough as it is.. but add in a sentimental holiday like Christmas- and even New Years in the case of *NSYNC and Christina... and oh man, do we have some extra cheese in our macaroni.

I love it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

... lessons were learned on the journey to and from the Happiest Place on Earth?

I was talking to a friend the other day (yes, I do have friends.) and he made an interesting point. Maybe not what he was getting at, but it's what I got from it. Basically, things that influence you positively don't just happen then end, they become a part of a learning process. Things that are good like being with your family- don't just happen once and end- it happens again and again so things can be learned, whereas the joy of a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich ends when you take the last bite (and the guilt of how long you have to run on the tradmill for begins). It's sad, really.

This last weekend I was in California for a short Disneyland trip with my 15-year-old brother, Taylor; my 18-year-old sister, Kaleigh; and my boyfriend, Rick. It was a pretty enjoyable trip. I'm a fan of forgetting life, acting like I'm 5 when I see a giant Pluto dressed up like a reindeer, and spending ridiculous amounts of money on food. But, in order to make the most of an experience like this, lessons must be learned that can influence life positively... So, here's my list:

1. No matter how much you say you don't normally get that wet on Splash Mountain, at 11:00 pm- EVERYONE gets wet.

2. Churros are WAY over-priced, but SO worth it.

3. Really, all food at Disneyland is over-priced, but they can because they're Disney.

4. The 40-minute wait for Toy Story Mania, is totally worth it. Best. Ride. Ever.

5. To work at Disneyland, you must love your job. Really. It's the great people that work there, that make it the best. I love the cheesy jokes on Jungle Cruise, or how they call us "Space Explorers" on Space Mountain, and the bell-hop's on Tower of Terror with their dry humor.

6. The Aladdin show is great. I think people forget about it- but it's amazing.

7. It's basically impossible to get a picture in front of the castle without some random person in the background.

8. No matter how bad you want to stay until the park closes, and no matter how tired you don't think you will be- by 7:00- tiredness sets in, 8:30- a small second wind, 9:30- walking zombie, 10:30- okay, two, 11:00- Do NOT go on Splash mountain.

9. The lines are always long for the tram ride to your car. always.

10. If ever in a nuclear snowstorm, don't count on Beaver, Utah to have enough Hotel rooms for you. Be safe- stop in Cedar City.

Oh... one last one: Don't leave a research paper until the day you get home when it's due the next day. Is it even possible to find 10 sources on this?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

...I was going to Disneyland?

That's right.

14 days.

In 14 days I'm outta here.

I'm forgetting that I have school

Taking work off.

Deciding not to be a poor college student for a weekend...

and going to the happies place on earth.

No kidding. I'm convinced that Disneyland is Magic. I'm pretty content with this... and I get to go with some pretty great people too, which makes my life complete.

Disneyland-- We shall meet again soon.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...the holiday season was here?

23 days until Thanksgiving

53 days until Christmas

It's just countdown heaven here. Who says people just skip Thanksgiving and move onto Christmas? You can celebrate BOTH at the same time! Don't worry I have a countdown on my computer until the end of the semester.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

...I was NOT a fan of Halloween?

This is my confession: Scary things scare me.

Ever since I was little I just haven't liked Halloween. In Elementary school I was the kid that was so terrified that during the time while the whole school would line up for a costume parade around the halls- I would hide in the office. I can't help that I never grew out of that stage.

My costumes usually consisted of something non-scary- a Ballerina, a Princess, Caroline Ingalls (don't judge me- You all KNOW you watched "Little House on the Prarie" and are jealous you didn't think of it.), Miss America, an Ewok (not just one- but TWO of us. My friend and I both were Ewoks), and maybe a pumpkin was thrown in there. I didn't like scary costumes... Especially with lots of makeup or masks.

At sleepovers when the scary stories started coming out... Eyes and Ears were covered... or I would call my mom to come get me. There are still a very few that I've accidently heard over the years--- and I still cringe when I hear even the names or parts of them... I won't even talk about scary movies. Don't believe anyone when they say "It's really not that scary... You'll be fine." Liars. I've learned to do like drugs and "Just Say NO!"

Let's just say... If Halloween requested to be my friend on Facebook, I would ignore it.... and move on to better holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I move that weekends be extended.

Current conditions demand more time to do things that need to be done at home. Schools should be closed, work should be halted, and temperatures should stay at 75 degrees. I support a world where sleeping past 6 am one more day is the norm and where kids can play outside until 10 at night because there's no school tomorrow! One more day for playing, one more day for sleeping... and if you so choose- one more day to clean and do homework! This extended weekend will heal the world of all tired yawns caused by early mornings, late evenings, and too much work.

I want a better tomorrow by making it still the weekend today!

All in favor?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

...School was overrated?

School is overrated sometimes.

Especially 7:30 am classes. (Confession: I didn't go to class this morning.)

The Good News: Only 9 more weeks.

The Other Good News: Next Friday is Fall Break.
(the bad news: fall break is only one day.)

I think I want to take a trip to Disneyland. Who's in?

Monday, September 20, 2010

...I was just wondering?

There are several things I don't understand in life. I'm probably not supposed to, but maybe one day I'll be able to find out the REAL answer to life's questions:

- Why is it that we get in our cars and think that no one can see us? I'll admit I love singing in my car- even without any music. Don't you think it looks even funnier when other people can't hear what's going on inside but it looks like you are just talking to yourself? And I have no doubt that you seen at least 10 people in your lifetime... um... picking at things such as a scab, zit, or their nose. awesome.

-Why is it that when we have days/a few hours off there's either a) too much to do or b) not enough hours in the day to do nothing? I used to get bored when I didn't have enough to do but now- I'm just plain lazy on those days. I usually will take a nap (or two) or watch TV. But there just isn't enough time to finish this laziness. This situation doesn't happen very often- mostly it's a that effects me... and the best part is when I do have this time to do things I lack the motivation to do them. (confession: sometimes this is when my best blogging ideas come and I have to write them down before they leave.) What is this?!

- Why is it that all the big expenses happen at once? Like Tires, an Oil Change, Registration, Books, School, etc... Seriously. When I decide "Oh I've bene really good about saving money lately- I'll go ahead and buy that new dress. It's fine..." Then BAM! All these things come up and you shouldn't have bought that $20 dress because you need $500 to cover all this. seriously?

-Why is it that on days that assignments are due, computers don't work? The other day I had an extra hour before a photoshop class. I was pretty happy because I didn't want to have to finish it in class (I don't have CS5 on my home computer) Don't worry that I went to one lab and after logging in to the Windows side (accidently) it didn't have CS5, then I logged out and went to the Mac side and it didn't have the program. So, I went to another lab and tried to log in and it wasn't working. The lab aide wasn't of much help she said the computers just sometimes don't work so I was out of luck. Needless to say- I barely made it to class on time after that. Don't worry I'm finishing my assignments the night before now. Sheesh...

Monday, August 30, 2010

...I learned something useful in college?

I have been going to school for at least 17 years of my life. The knowledge I have gained is practical. I know that. Well... mostly. You know when you are in Stats and they ask you how many socks do you have to pull out of a drawer in order to get a match and you think to yourself "Why not just buy all white socks or all black socks? Or Really why does it even matter in the first place that they match because it doesn't look all that great with shorts and socks anyway?" Those are the reasons I go to school. To learn how to match socks.

Anyway- I've re-discovered what I love about school.

First, a secret: I don't really listen to music on the radio a whole lot. I'm a wierdo and sorta prefer either a) silence or b) talk radio. I like listening to things that make me feel smarter about the world (sometimes listening to the thoughts in my head count as that). So, as I'm listening to KSL radio today, they are debating over the value of the dollar going down, the need for a $2 coin, and really the obsoleteness of cash in general- one of the debators uses the phrase "There are no free lunches." Now... you might think: "Mickelle, you are crazy! Of all the things you could remember from this experience- you remember that." But... on the contrary, this is what I love about school: When something from school actually applies to real life! "There are no free lunches" is a phrase we learned about last semester in my Econ class. Basically, he was saying: Just because it seems cheaper to use cash because stores aren't being bombarded by credit card fees, in reality the cost of counting the cash several times, printing the cash, transporting the cash, and everything else in relation to the use of cash, is much more of a hassle than just letting someone use their card and charging the store a small fee. (That was a long sentence. I'd better get on that BusComm class.)

It doesn't happen often but it does happen... apparently all this is supposed to equal to one amazing piece of paper that lets you get a job that this kind of stuff happens more often.

I'd be okay with that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...people didn't call each other by their names?

Have you ever noticed this?

This is just an observation.

Guys call everyone either "Man" or "Dude". My boyfriend, in saying something really exciting, will say even to me something like, "Dude, you're never going to belive this!" It kind of makes me laugh... Then I realized... Girls are even worse.

Girls tend to chose pet names for everyone- Especially other girl-friends! Girls like to use names like "Love", "Girl", "Hon", "Sweet girl/boy", and "Lady" (as in "Hey, Lady! How are you?":). Now that I recognize it. It makes me laugh. Confession: Sometimes I catch myself even doing this... not often- but sometimes.

I'm okay with it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...the giant volcano slide in Wilsonville was a disappointment?

This is the slide I've been wanting to go down since I saw it in the summer of 2008... Finally my dreams were realized last weekend-- and those dreams turned out to be much better than the actual experience.

**Word on the street is that it's better to go down with cardboard. There was a pile of cardboard at the bottom of the slide so I asumed the rumors must be true.

False. It's better to go down with slippery shorts on- as we found out later thanks to my friend, Sandy's wardrobe choice. I'm glad I got to share this great moment with her.

On a brighter note about my weekend excursion to Oregon- I also learned that Ice Cream is much better when eaten with Chopsticks.

Another reason why I love Chang's Mongolian Grill.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

...I wanted to do a back flip?

This post is dedicated to Courtni Hall, my secret twin. I promised her I would do it and here it is:

A little background:

Last week, as we are getting ready for the kids to show up for EFY check-in, (notice how EFY is my life in the summer) Courtni and I begin a serious discussion. A discussion on how sometimes when you are standing in a big area (gym/park/hall) we get the urge to want to do a back flip. Now I would just like to make it clear: I have never done a back flip- not even on the trampoline. I can barely do a front flip on the trampoline. Really, it's more like a somersault in the air because I can't land it...

Annnyywaaayy... As we are discussing this- another urge comes over us (because we are one person and all: Courtelle): We both feel the need to kick the fire alarm. You know the kind with the big plastic thing over it?

We don't want to "LIFT HERE", we want to kick it. Jackie Chan style. (or Chuck Norris- whichever you prefer.)

So in honor of these immature urges Courtni and I had, I've decided to share. I know most of you secretly have the same feelings. It's okay. It's normal. Maybe it will help knowing there are other struggling with the same thing.
So, I give you-

10 things I really want to do but can't because I'm 24 and I would get in trouble and/or hurt

  1. A back flip

  2. Kick the fire alarm

  3. Fill a whole room with unrolled toilet paper (I will unroll it myself) and jump in it

  4. Squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube into the sink (Anyone read Ramona books?)

  5. Knock all the food off the shelf at the store by running down the isle with my arm out.

  6. Hang onto the garage door until it gets to the top.

  7. Make shadow puppets at the movies on the screen.

  8. Speaking of movies- bring a mattress, pillow and blanket to the movies and set up camp there.

  9. Break a DVD/CD

  10. Throw a pie at someone.

This list- as always- is not complete. But now that you know I'm all crazy, I feel better about life, because you know you've always wanted to do these things too.

Don't judge...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

...non-committal love abounded?

Let me explain something at EFY everyone loves everyone. Really. I'm not kidding.

There are times, though, when side-hugs, EFY strikes (which is a dying breed this year, of which I am deeply saddened), and escorting is not enough to show that love. What to do when this happens?

Pick-up lines. Yes, that's right. In a place where handholding, guy-girl front hugs, and bear-hug dancing is not allowed-- pick up lines are. The cheesier, the better. They are frequently used to express the non-commital love we have for each other. Here are a few of the faves. (Some of these might be EFY specific and might not make sense but I still enjoy them so they get to go up here.) This list is dedicated to Ricky Denno, EFY counselor and master of the art of pick up lines.

  • "Hey, Is your name Virtue? 'Cause you garnish MY thoughts unceasingly" (See D&C 121:45)
  • "Do you like water? [yes] Then you like 75% of my body!"
  • "Hi My name's Mickelle but you can call me Tonight."
  • "I need to leave EFY can you check me out?" (double meaning there... catch it? eh?)
  • "I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... uh... I'm Batman."
  • "Hey, do you happen to have a sewing kit? [no] You can borrow mine because you look RIPPED!"
  • "Want to go to EFY with me? Because I'm Especially For YOU."
  • "Ah! I dropped something... *look around on the ground*... oh! It was just my jaw when I saw you."
  • "Hey, do my eyes match my shoes? [they look] You just checked me out!"
  • "You're hot and you're bright- that's why your mom calls you 'son/sun'."
  • "You're so hot you make fire stop, drop, and roll!"
  • "You're so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line."
  • "Will you hold this for me? (offer their arm)
  • (At dinner) "So do you know what you want? [no] I know what I want. (look at them)"

That's all I have for now, but don't you worry there are lots more. Feel free to add on to this list... I enjoy them... especially when I get use them in my favorite non-commital way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just thought you'd like to know...

I got a flat tire again today.

Special thanks to Caleb for helping me change it.

Dear Discount Tires:
I want to be friends- but not this close.
Please bless I don't have to worry about my tires for a really really long time
Thank you.

Sincerely, with all my love,

Saturday, July 10, 2010 tires didn't like me?

It's true.

I'm not being dramatic.

I'm not being over sensitive.

I'm just stating a fact.

My tires don't like me.

In the last 6 months I have bought 6 new tires. I don't know if you've noticed- but most cars only have 4- as in my case. I have had 3 flat tires (this morning... although this is the first time someone has stopped to help me- well, two someoneS stopped (thanks!) and this time I knew what I was doing.) The other 3 just needed to be replaced.

I bought my first 3 tires at Sams Club. Not a good idea. At least the one in Layton. It took them 3 hours to put one tire on one time.

"I, Mickelle Myers, from now on will never buy tires at Sams Club. No matter how much cheaper they are. I shall buy my tires from Discount Tires, which is across the parking lot and 117% better than Sams Club in the Tire Department. Amen and Amen"

Good News is I got to go to D.I. while I was waiting for my tires today. That store is entertaining... maybe worth a future blog post. I'll have to think over that one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010 is good?

I love life. That's all I can say.

Ever had one of those days where you are just grateful for your life?
Those are pretty great days.

Today is going to be one of those days... I can tell.

You know why? Because I'm going to make it one of those days.
Why life is so great:
I didn't have to wake up until 8:30 this morning.
Cold Pizza is in my fridge right now. (=delightful)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on TV right now.
I don't have to work until 5:45 tonight and I only have to work until 8.
It's optional to do my laundry today...I still have SOME clothes.
My house is mostly clean- I only have to do the dishes and I'm good.
I got extra money from FAFSA to pay for my new laptop.
I'm currently sitting in my pajamas on my couch and it's 9:30 AM.
I have the cutest golden retriever stretched out, sleeping not even 10 feet from me.
EFY starts again next week. (!!!)
Rick lets me fall asleep during his movies- even though he really wants me to see them. (I fall asleep every time. I think it's like a disease or something. It's fine- he fell asleep during "Ever After" last night)
I get to play with my little brothers and sister today.
My swamp cooler pretty much rocks my socks.
Someone secretly mowed my lawn on Monday. (thank you!)
I'm going to be incredibly productive today.

That's not all, but it's a good start.
Try having a "grateful for life" day. They are the best.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

...I was feeling generous...and sick?

There are so many things you can take out of the different experiences that life brings us. But really... that's just hard work. To make is easy on yourself why not learn from others experiences so you don't have to? So, just because I'm a nice person- I'm here to help.

10 things I learned from having a fever, cough, achey body, headache, and not wanting to eat for 5 days.

1. 87 degrees is not an apporopriate temperature for a house while sick- or really while well. (Thank goodness for amazing dads that fix anything- including swamp coolers!)

2. Ceiling fans can turn 2 ways- apparently one way is for winter and the other way is for summer. 3. Daytime TV is NOT delightful- no wonder everyone takes AFTERNOON naps- Boooriing.

4. While one blanket on the couch during the day might be enough- one at night is NOT enough- at least 2, sometimes 3 are needed.

5. Boyfriends are really good to have on hand to bring soup, medicine, heating pads, and anything else that is needed. (Find one like mine and you should be fine)

6. Best Medications? Tylonol (the one for muscle and back aches) and Ibuprofen- Good stuff

7. Keeping the whole house clean is impossible. There will always be the "sicky corner"- normally near the couch with the TV. The meds are there, the water bottle is there, the laptop is there, phone charger, and pretty much everything else you've ever used over the last few days is there.

8. Number one favorite sick food? Otter Pops! Really this is pretty much all I ate for 4 days- I might have had a bowl of soup from Rick, some plain toast, and a smoothie- but really- Otter pops are the only thing that sustained my life.

9. Beween 1 and 3 is the best time to take a nap because there is truly nothing on TV. (Unless you call Maury and re-runs of Matlock something)

10. Don't make any plans for later in the week "because I should be better by then." Not true. Just take the week off. You'll need it.

Hope your sickness goes that much smoother because of these little tips...

...Or If you'd rather not impliment these and figure things out for yourself- go for it. I double dog dare you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

...we liked to party? ("We like- we like to party!")

I just got back from one of my favorite places to be... EFY!

I have the amazing opportunity of being a counselor for Especially For Youth camp and I can't imagine a better way to spend my summer. Hanging out with the best-of-the-best 14-18 year-olds, getting to know other AMAZING counselors, teaching devotionals and classes, getting to go to amazing devotionals and classes, playing games like "Ninja Destruction" and "Tree, Log, Bridge", the promise of 9:30 Hugs, EFC (Especially for Counselor) parties, cheer-offs, acting ridiculous all day everyday, Dancing like you don't care (because you don't- you just want everyone to DANCE) ... really, what else could you want? (besisides maybe slightly more varied food... it might get boring eating the same things every week) I mean really? Best summer job ever... plus- sometimes... if i'm lucky... I get to pretend to be a ninja... sometimes.

More pictures coming soon to a blog near you...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...I couldn't spell?

I'm 24 years old and I can't spell. In about 5th or 6th grade I was in the State Homeschool Spelling Bee. I didn't win. Want to know what I messed up on?


I couldn't remember if it was M-a-b-e-y or M-a-y-b-e... so confusing. I'm pretty sure I had a boy in one of my classes at the elementary school with the last name "Mabey". You might be wondering what brought this up. Well... I'm editing a resume for my boyfriend (I know. The girl who can't spell. That's what spell check is for.) and I have to use a word I have loathed for a very long time. I have never been able to spell it right- ever. Usually I will just change my wording so I don't have to use it- but today I decided to take it head on.


or is that Nesiccary?



now they are all looking wrong. One day I'll grow up and learn to spell. Thank goodness for Spell Check.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

...I liked- okay loved- Portland a little bit- a lot?

This last week I went to my favorite state in the union.

Road tripping to Oregon is pretty much the best.

Why you ask? Well... let me tell you in the best way I know how.

The 5-Reasons-Why-I-Love-Portland-and-Why-You-Should-Love-It-Too List:

1. The Portland Saturday Market. If you haven't been there- you should go. It's worth anything less than a 12 hour drive to go up for a day of shopping under the Morrison Bridge. really. I got a really awesome bag from an Indian guy who made me walk a quarter mile to use my credit card to pay "ONE SIX POINT ZERO ZERO" dollars for it. I also got some purple shades ($10 from the man who kept handing me the mirror), amazing grey-stripey sheets, a slinky-bracelet that is amazing (impossible to describe- find the Asian lady who sells them. She's pretty sweet.), and some clips for my little sister. And to top it all off... an Elephant Ear. If you haven't had one, get one. I'm just saying that they are amazing. It's like a giant thin scone with cinnamon-sugar all over it... enough cinnamon-sugar to coat the elephant ear and the inside front seats and floor of my car. (true story. I just vacuumed it out yesterday. gross.)

2. The Portland LDS Temple. Technically it's in Lake Oswego- but close enough. Here is a picture of it- but honestly- pictures never do it justice. I actually don't even think it's super pretty in pictures. You'll just have to go. It's so beautiful to just walk around. Right now there are tulips everywhere and a really pretty fountain. It's a good place just to go and relax. I recommend it.

3. Changs Mongolian Grill. Can I just say DELICIOUS? Mmm... I don't even know why this place is so great, but it is. I think it's the "edible napkins" (the crepes or pancakes I think is what they call them) or maybe it's the free ice cream at the end- but no other mongolian place comes close. It's the holy grail of all Mongolian resteraunts and will be until I can find something better. I have been unsuccessful up until now. If anyone has any suggestions within 30 miles of Ogden, Utah throw them out there because I'm missing me some Changs.

4. The Highway 26 tunnel. Not even kidding. My favorite is starting in Beaverton and heading east- especially at night. There are trees everywhere- Tunnel.... then BAM! City! I love it... One day I'm going to get my camera out to record it. It's just the essence of Portland. The pretty, natural part- and the trendy, big city. It's such a diverse city- if someone says they live in Portland, Oregon there's no telling if it's the upperclass West Hills or the Bohemian feel of Southeast. I love it. No matter where you go- it's always something new.

5. AUSM. Yes... this License plate seen last weekend summed it up for me (I was driving so no picture. Sorry)... AUSM.

There you have just a few reasons why I love the city of Portland- although there are lots more- I'll let you not be overwhelemed by the city's "ausm-ness".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...the Eggo shortage continued...

Shopping is no fun when it's for things you need. Things like food. 
I like food, don't get me wrong, but spending money on something that is just going to be gone in a few weeks is no bueno. 
So while I was on this excessive spending of money spree my roommates and I decided to take a stroll down the frozen isle. Don't worry right in front of where the Extra Delicious Eggo Microwave ready waffles are supposed to go, is the giant sign that reminds us all why we have had a gray cloud over us the last 2 months... 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

...I was kind of obsessed with lists?

Yesterday was a good day. Want to know the secret behind a good day? Finding a really awesome bookstore:

For those of you in the Salt Lake area- I highly recommend Sam Weller's Books. It has a slight taste of Powells books (which I'm also obsessed with. It's fine.) with a Utah twist (where else would you find LDS Conference reports from the 1940's. Really.) and I love it.

So... what makes this store so great?

The giant room that says "All blue tagged books $1". That was the end. I found this awesome book called "The Book of Lists" (refer to the title of this post). Don't worry, Rick and I read it for a while (maybe I kind of made him read it with me- but it's fine.) then because it was blue-tagged and I just happened to have exactly $1.07, I bought it.

You don't think I would leave you hanging and not give you a little taste?

So, for your enjoyment, a sampling from "The Book of Lists":

The Ten Most Landed-upon Monopoly Spaces:

  1. Illinois Avenue
  2. Go
  3. B. & O. Railroad
  4. Free Parking
  5. Tennesee Avenue
  6. New York Avenue
  7. Reading Railroad
  8. St. James Place
  9. Water Works
  10. Pennsylvania Railroad


Abigail Van Buren's Readers' 7 Most Unusual Problems

  1. "I'm a bus driver and want some information on how to become a shepherd."
  2. "I want to have a child but don't even have a boyfriend. Can you line me up with somebody?"
  3. "I hear there is life after death. If that is true, can you put me in touch with Uncle LeRoy Albert from Victoria, Tex.?"
  4. "Will you please send me all the information you have on the rythm method? I'm learning how to dance."
  5. "I'm a 50-year-old widow and my doctor says I need a husband or the equivilant. Would it be alright if I borrowed my sister's husband? It's all right with them."
  6. "My husband burns the hair out of his nose with a lighted match. And he thinks I'm crazy because I voted for Goldwater."
  7. "I can't trust my husband. He cheats so much I'm not even sure if my last baby is HIS."

Awesome, right? I think so.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...some words made me giggle?

Here are a list of words for your vocabular-enjoyment that make me laugh. Say them several times just for a good laugh:

-SNOT (also see Snotty. That one also makes me laugh)
-FUZZIN (see a cousin that is also your friend- FUZZIN)
-WILLAMETTE (Especially if you say it wrong)
-BACHATA (sp?)

There are many more but I can't overwhelm you with all these amazing words!

I laughed out loud just typing this list- is that even okay?

Friday, April 9, 2010

...I was gone fishing?

“None of us should be like the fisherman who thinks he has been fishing all day 

when in reality he has spent most of his time getting to and from the water, eating lunch, and fussing with his equipment. Fishing success is related to how long you have your line in the water, not to how long you are away from [your house]. 

Some fishermen are away from home for twelve hours and have their line in the 

water for ten hours. Other fishermen are away from home for twelve hours and 

have their line in the water for only two hours. This last type may wonder why 

they do not have the same success as others.”  --Dallin H. Oaks

I've always thought this was an interesting analogy... sometimes I feel like the first fisherman, accomplishing alot during the day- but lately I've been the second, Waking up early for work then after work- not taking advantage of the time I have to do homework, clean, or do the other things that I need. I spend too much time with my line not in the water and, while not expecting, I still hope for the same success as those the "first fisherman" days. 

That is one of the most hard things about coming home from a mission. Going from doing something good for other people every minute of every day to becoming, for lack of a better word, Self-serving. I definitely miss those days of accomplishing a million things in one day- granted all of them were focused on one purpose so that made it a little easier. Being home provides the chance to accomplish a million things but they are all in different areas of life... I've never wished there were more hours in a day- until just recently... but it's true.

Guess I should go and get my waders on so I can catch a couple fish for dinner...

Good thing we have people like Dallin H. Oaks in this world to remind us of what we all can do to be a little better. Love it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

...actually I don't want to remember that one time...

April Fools.

One of the most ridiculous holidays I think- besides Valentines. People say it's because I'm bitter. I'm not. I had an "Un-Valentines date" last year- The boy I was dating at the time knew I didn't like it and took me out the day before. I was unimpressed- although I never not enjoy a little Olive Garden. My current boyfriend thinks he's going to make me like it next year. I just tell him it's a long ways away. I just think it's a silly holiday after the age of 12... see here.

Anyway... enough of that...

Back to why April Fools brings back memories... memories I would rather forget.

In my family my dad and 20-year old brother (who is now on a mission in Argentina) have always had this ongoing prank war every April 1st. I'm not gonna lie. They are pretty creative. They've done everything from the classic "rubber-band-on-the-sink-sprayer" to things I'm sure have been erased from my memory in order to stay sane.

The one I remember most (but wish was included in that list of "erased from memory") has affected my eating habits for life.

Ever had Mint Oreos? yeah... I can't eat them anymore.

First, let me tell you- I love Chocolate and mint. Thin Mints, Cookies and Mint Ice Cream, Even when I was younger I always got the Chocolate-mint floride treatment at the dentist. So when word in the house is that there are Mint OREOS I was all over that. (This was long before Nabisco introduced the Real stuff) My Dad was so kind to give me one... Let me remind you that it is April 1st. AND my dad has his game plans already in action to get my brother this year... yeah. Mint Oreos... Or regular Oreos with TOOTHPASTE inside. I'm pretty sure it took me a couple chews before I realized it did NOT taste right. Then my dad informed me of his April Fools joke... To this day I can't even look at a package of mint oreos (I would love them had this incident not happened- I've tasted them before- they taste good- but the memories...) without thinking "TOOTHPASTE"...

So, please, if you visit me on April Fools day- I'd prefer you not celebrate it.

Just call me Grinch.

Friday, March 26, 2010

...I was a procrastinator?

"Hi. My name's Mickelle and I'm a procrastinator."

It's true. It can be a problem sometimes... really alot of times. I really should join a group or something (P.A.? Procrastinators Annonymous? Although meetings would probably never happen- they'd just keep putting it off. In fact... I'll do that... one day...later...)

But... let me share with you the secret to being a sucessful procrastinator:

Being able to get things done last minute.

If something needs to be done I get it done much more efficiently at 11:59 than 2 weeks before. I really wish it wasn't like this- but it's true. As I type this I think of all the things I need to do but I probably won't do it until it HAS to be done.

-Powerpoint Slides for Management Class- Due Monday night
-Marketing Plan for Marketing Class- Due Saturday night
-Watch and Eval Video for ICAN- Due Saturday at 1
-Accounting Homework- Due Monday
-Accounting Test- Due by Next Friday at 3
-Progress Report- Due Next Thursday night
-Check out book "Tuesday" and record a video of me signing it- Due Next Friday

It's ridiculous... good thing I have a planner to keep all this stuff straight- or I would have to be early for everything...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

...there wasn't a great blog post? sorry.

... I had a whole blog post all typed up. I sometimes click things accidentally. Today... one of those sometimes happened.

Sorry. The blog post is gone and I don't want to type it up again.

Basically I'll summarize it for you:

Tires are expensive and it's really annoying when you get flat tires. That's all I'm saying.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

... I found a really winning... Parking lot?

Here's another winning picture to add to the collection. I hope when I get old and have my own parking lot I can have one with something clever painted on the asphalt instead of the usual Enter" and "Exit".

(Seen at a dentists office)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...there was evidence of spring?

In one week:

I'm just saying... It's not just flowers that show it's spring.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

... I offered to you my pearls of wisdom? I know you wanted them...

Today was a people watching day. It was also a learning day.
Just in case you don't want to learn these lessons on your own... I'll share some of the knowledge I've gained today. (yes.. just one day-- and it's only 4:00!)

1. Taking a nap in a warm car before work is a good thing
**Bonus: You can tan one leg and one arm at the same time if it's sunny!
2. When trying to eat healthy... It's best to eat some junk food sometimes. Even though it doesn't fill me up- it's soooo delicious.
3. One-way signs sometimes are just a suggestion for some people... but usually they aren't. In fact, most traffic signals aren't just suggestions.
4. Couches should not be left outside during the rain. That's gross.
5. Although there are good days and bad days (like in any job) Being a Sign Language Interpeter is one of the best student jobs in the world. I love it.
6. A gym membership is a waste of money. I can stay home from the gym for free.
7. No matter when a test is due- the testing center is never open late enough and tests are never available long enough.
8. Facebook is the anti-homework drug... in a bad way.
9. If you are really thirsty- don't get ice in your water- you could choke while little over-excitedly trying to satisfy that thirst. No Bueno!
10. Don't carry around too many books in your backpack... it hurts your shoulder... and if you have a purse too- that is no fun!

Treasure these little nuggets. They'll come in handy one day...

More to come... but I don't want to overload you with all this knowledge... seriously could be hazardous.

Monday, March 8, 2010

....I had the best friends in the world?

Not even kidding.

You can be jealous if you want to-- but it's true. I must admit I'm totally jealous of myself.

Here are several examples of my friends awesome-ness:

Well seeing as how a few weeks ago there was a CEREAL PARTY... how could they not be awesome? Really! I love the fact that we can all do random silly things- completely sober I might add- and we can have the most fun time doing it. Last week? Waffle Party... seriously.

Then... tonight, my friend (who is, in fact going to be an EFY counselor with me this summer) and I are going to have our very own EFY-inspired dace party (once again... judge and and be jealous!) What better songs to rock out to than "We Like to Party" from the Venga Boys, "Move it Like This" from Baha Men, and "The Party's Just Begun" from the Cheetah Girls? And what makes it 10 times better is that there are choreographed dances to go along with each song. Dances with great names like "Peanut Butter & Jelly" and "Baha Men #1". (Must I repeat the fact that you should be extremely jealous at the thought of having amazing friends that not only deal with this love of EFY but PARTICIPATE in it?)

Although there are many examples of these awesome people the last is simply that I can call and talk to them. I'm a total texter-- but I love that I can just call. I just got off the phone with one of my favorite people in the world. (I have several favorite people in the world-- but Ben is one of my top favorite people and he doesn't text) It was a good conversation... Really, I can talk to any of them about anything and I love it.

Oh yeah... and we're having a Disney/Showtunes sing-along sometime in the near future... LOVE IT!

To my friends:

You're the best.
Can we please be Friends forever?
I'd like that.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

...I was happy?

Now that you all are informed and aware of the Eggo fiasco I can relax and we can return to our regularly scheduled program:

Ever have those weeks that are just good?

Regardless of what happens during the week, there are enough amazing things that make you smile to counteract all the bad (including any and all Eggo shortages)?

I like those weeks.

They make me happy.

This week has been a good week. This morning while I was reading my scriptures before work I noticed (again) how the happiest people were the ones that recognized God's hand in their life. They knew He was their loving Father in Heaven and even though their life wasn't perfect- together they could get through it and everything would "give [them] experience, and be for [their] good". I love that. I think that's why this week has been a good week. Lots of blessings that I really needed- especially the many chances to recognize God's hand in MY life. I love that He loves me.

It makes me happy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

**Breaking News**

Fights breaking out in the frozen section for the final box...

"Clean up on isle 12" caused by stampedes of caretakers trying to provide an instant meal from their young...

And from all across America the cries of "Leggo my Eggo" are heard- yet they cannot be satisfied...

This can only mean one thing.

Straight from your local, friendly Grocer- I bring you the next national crisis:

FYI: In case you were wondering-- Eggo's are hard to come by these days.

Consider yourself lucky to have that box that expired 7 years ago at the bottom of your deep freeze. You kept it there because you would need it someday. Well... someday has come, my friends... someday has come...

Monday, February 22, 2010

...I was not quite sick?

The last few mornings I've woken up with a man-voice. I don't mind- in fact I kind of like it. Something different than my usual girl-voice. Sometimes you just get tired of hearing yourself- it's nice to change. But really, this man-voice is most annoying because it is accompanied by a slight throat tickle (you know the kind you can't quite get out by coughing?) but not really a cough, and a runny nose. But here's the deal: I still feel well enough to go out and do things. I don't feel sick enough that I have an excuse to take advantage of the millions of signs on campus that say "Feeling sick? Stay home! We will excuse you from class, tests, anything just to not get us sick! Please!" (paraphrased of course) So mostly my wish this week is to either just be sick and get it over with-- or to just get all the way better. Body- it's up to you. I've given you the choices- now hurry up and decide before I do something drastic like cut off my nose so it won't drip anymore ;) So get on that anti-bodies! No more being lazy! It'd be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

...Valentines day was the greatest? I miss those days.

Let me take you on a journey... I'll play the part of the "Ghost of Valentines Past". Ready?

When I was in Elementary School the "Day of Love" was great! There was some good times making those awesome boxes (and the one kid who's mom made it all amazing while yours looked like a 4 year old did it because the glue wouldn't stick... grrr).

Of course, the ceremonial going through the cute puppy or superhero Valentines to make sure you didn't give "I think you're cute, Valentine" to any boys, and the best ones with 2 Boxes of Nerds went to your BFF. It was a careful selection process- making sure to match up each name to a particular valetine. Quite complex if I do say so myself... (remember I was a gifted child ;))

Then the day of distribution arrives. You once again check to make sure names and valentines are matched up correctly, with a few extra generic ones- just in case ("Happy Valentines Day!" or "You're a pal!").

The boxes set up in a row on each desk (Darn kid with the mom who did his-- of course I'm sitting next to him with my 4-year-old box!) and you slowly move from box to box carefully making sure each gets the appropriate card and a candy (exept for the BFF that gets 2). As you walk around you keep an eye on yours to make sure no one is forgetting to put a card, and taking note of who has the best candy so you can be sure to trade your extra boxes of Nerds (or the billions of Dum-dums and Smarties you are bound to get). At last the moment has arrived to check out the loot. Aside from the Dum-dums and smarties- it's pretty good. And really- even if you can't trade the bad stuff- you figure you can always use it to bribe the younger sibs, who don't know any better, to do things for you (don't deny it! you know you did it!). Heading home there is satisfaction in your heart for another great Valentines Day. You feel the love of the day.

Those were good times...

Dear Future,

Please bless I marry someone who will get me superhero valentines with the good kinds of candy (Twix, Junior Mints, and Dark Chocolate Hershey Bars) on February 14th- No flowers. That's all I want. That'd be great! Thanks!

Monday, February 8, 2010

...Jillian Michaels and I were like THIS?

Okay... Confession: Jillian and I are BFF's- usually. At least I see her daily- more than my real BFFs sometimes. That's all... really. So in honor of this BFFness here are some of my favorite quotes from her.

"You think you can handle this? Yeah? Well... we'll see..."
"To help me out here I've got two of my BEST girls..."
"Push that tailbone INTO the wall behind you"
"and breath. Up and breath..."
"...It's bad for the knees"
"Look at those abs... I'd do just about anything to get it"
"Remember to keep your knees at a 90 degree angle. I don't want to see any of this..."
"Push, and push, and push"
"Only a few more" (she lies. It's really alot more)
"In case you're a little less flexible, like me"
"I want to hear you screaming, panting, and grunting"
"You should be floating off the ground"
"For those of you looking for a modified version of a jumping jack I'm not going to give it to you... I've got 400 lb people who can do jumping jacks"
"You're strong now"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

...some things shouldn't be for forever?

When I was little my favorite movie was the old Gene Wilder "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The Umpa Loompas didn't even scare me (a miracle if you would have known that I was scared of the Terror-ride at Lagoon and I went through it with my eyes closed/ears plugged. Haven't gone through it since- but I have overcome my fear of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland... mostly.This parenthesis getting really out of control so this is a topic for another time.) and how great is the line: "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!"?

Anyway- imagine my sheer joy in finding out that there is, in fact, an Everlasting Gobstopper (which I might have eaten entirely too many of with Sister Anderson in Canby. Delicious!)! In contrast- imagine the disappointment when I find out they truly aren't "everlasting" as they advertise. (it's fine though- After much prayer and counseling I've accepted it. I'm not bringing back fresh wounds.) What's so great about "everlasting" anyway? Why was it so amazingly awesome to have a candy that lasts forever? (In fact, thinking about it- it's kind of gross) Well, I think the concept of anything sustaining a really really really long time is kind of exciting- until I look at things that I do NOT wish would last forever. Examples:

*Laundry. Seriously? How does it pile up so fast? Maybe I'll boycott clothes for a while...and Maybe I won't. Someone HAS to come up with a better solution so I don't have to do it so often! And while you're at it... figure out a way I don't have to fold or hang up things. That would be great. Thanks.

*Homework. No Bueno. Really it's not necessarily just the homework. I can handle that. It's the Midterms (all at the same time of course), group projects (does NOT play well with others), and random surprise requirements teachers feel to inflict upon us poor students- because they think it's funny. We want that piece of paper sooo bad- and they know we'll do anything for it. Including, staying up all night for 3 nights in a row just to finish a paper. I'd better stop before it gets out of control.

*Exercising. Sometimes I don't want to go to bed- so I don't have to wake up- so I don't have to work out. That is all.

*Oil Changes. It's too cold to do it myself (Marketable skill right there! Yes, I can do it myself- thanks, Briant) so I have to pay someone else to do it- every 3 months. For FOREVER! Really just car maintenance in general... Cars should just work for forever- without the maintenance of forever. :)

So really? What's so great about things that are "everlasting"? Sometimes... it's too long. I'd better go put some laundry in so I can have clothes for after my workout so I can study for a test I have to take today before going for an oil change and a tire swap.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...Guys liked girls with skills?

"...You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills."
-Nalopleon Dynamite

That's right, Napoleon and I can only assume it would be the same the other way around. We call these "Marketable Skills".

So, even though I might need to brush up on the Nunchuck skills, and my bowhunting skills aren't what they used to be- I might have some skills of my own. I'm about to share one such skill with you as I did last night with my roommates on our way home from WalMart

It all began when I worked at the local grocery story from the time I was 16 until I left on my mission at 21. I picked up some pretty awesome skills at good old Maceys. I made some amazing friends I still love, I can 10-key my way out of anything, and I'm pretty sure I did fairly well in a few bagging competitions in the day. The best skill I picked up was how to tie a bag. Nothing you say? Well check this out:

Double knots, Thank you. I'm just sayin'... Guys like girls with skills. Marketable Skills.