Thursday, December 31, 2009

...I couldn't move?

Another Confession: I did Jillian again. I hurt. It's okay though because in 30 days I will be shredded- in a good way. Do you think Tylonol will help?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...I read my own blog?

Confession: Sometimes I read my own blog because it's entertaining.

...I got shreded by Jillian Michaels?

I came close to death today. Very close...

On a typical Wednesday I would get up... let the the dogs out... get dressed up warm and go for a run- but today is not your typical day. Today it was snowing. Today is was extra cold. Today I didn't want to fall on my face because of the ice (I'm good at it-the ground and I are BFF's). So what do I do?Well, I invite Jillian Michaels into my DVD player, of course. It's only a 25 minute workout- how much worse could it be than running around the neighborhood in -17 degree windchill? Answer: lots.

I saw my life flash before my eyes. I can barely muster up enough muscle power to type this. Best part? It's going to be awesome times 500 tomorrow- the lack of muscle power- not the workout. So thus I am a convert. A convert to the intense fear of Jillian Michaels. A convert to the fact that 25 minutes of work out with Jillian is equal to 70 runs around the neighborhood in -17 degree windchill. So tomorrow if I can't get out of bed... pray for me. Please bless that I will be able to get up the courage to do it again... because I don't want to go outside in -17 degree windchill. Oh and while you're talking to God- thank Him that I didn't die. Because death by Jillian wouldn't be all that awesome.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...Blind dates were ridiculous with a capitol RIDICULOUS?

"Would you be willing to be set up on a blind date with my friend?"
"Hey! I have a cousin that would be PERFECT for you. Date?"
"Can I give my brother your number?"

Okay I'm just as guilty as the next person of trying to play cupid. It's true. It's like a chronic sickness or something- or an innate need to make people go on awkward dates together. (Although sometimes I will join them on this awkward fest with an awkward date of my own- good times) But seriously?
The thought process that goes into a typical blind date set up:

"Hmm... Mary and Dave are both Single. I should set them up."

The End.

No "What do they have in common (besides them both being single)"
No "Hmm... I guess Mary is 35 with a masters degree and Dave is 21 and just getting his GED- it could be a problem"
No "There really could be a chance for this relationship to last"

Oh P.S. it doesn't work. You have to make sure there's something to discuss other than what color your toothbrush is or "This one time on my mission..." (Way to represent RMs!)

Correct way:

"Hmm... Mary is a sweet girl. She loves to go hiking and is majoring in Art History... I was talking to Dave the other day and he mentioned he just got back from study abroad in Italy and loved the museums there. He seems to like to do outdoor stuff- Maybe they would like to go out"

Good game right there.

Next is the question should a) the person setting the blind date up set the place and time to meet or should you b) give the girls number to the guy and hope he calls- yelling at him if he doesn't call within a week?

I don't know the answer to that... My opinion? I really prefer the guy calling me but once I hear the "I'll give him your number and he'll get back to you" I pretty much assume I won't hear from them so then if I DO-- I'm pleasently surpised.

Once I'm on the date- it's fine. Whatever... I just like to have fun- I've never had anything serious come from a blind date but it's been known to happen with other people. Maybe one day I won't have to worry about people looking at me and think "She's got such a great personality- it's a wonder she's not married yet. Oh I know this great single guy..."

Monday, December 28, 2009

...I didn't like meatloaf?

Really? Who invented it? I sound like I'm 5-years-old. Meatloaf is gross.
Thus the Inventor of Meatloaf (hereafter known as IoM) must have been crazy. I'm sure he was just trying to be thrifty... or maybe be creative but in reality just made life much less fulfilling for mankind. IoM was probably thinking "I have a hunk of meat and I have a loaf pan- maybe I'll cook the hunk of meat IN the loaf pan and make a new delectable dining experience." and maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was thinking of entering it into a cooking contest-- or maybe he wasn't. Either way... the only good thing about Meat loaf is that my mom serves it with Mashed Potatoes. And if they are REAL mashed potatoes (not fake potato pearls) then it is a good thing. Amen.

Okay 5-year-old whine-fest is over now.

Friday, December 25, 2009

...I was going to write about lots of things... then decided to just say one thing?

Merry Christmas and a FABULOUS new 2010!

(my cutest little sister Alisyn trying someone elses Christmas present )

P.S. I watched The Grinch last night and wished I was a Who. So I could have the Christmas Season all year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 was the end of old things?

Final grades were posted which means...

old homework can officially go in the trash. There's something fulfilling about trashing all the old stuff you've been holding onto for a semester- "just in case". It's a tradition I look forward to every 4 months... Meaning a new start of a new and better semester.

Also fulfilling... ripping up the mentor records I'll never need again! With my previous provisional interpreting license I needed to send these things in once a month-- proving I did 12 hours of monthly mentorship with someone who is certified and got at least 15 workshop hours every 6 months...Now I only need 20 hours of Workshop hours a year. I'm CERTIFIED! Can I just say I am in love with the fact that I will no longer need these:

So heres to throwing stuff away... Especially when it means moving on to new and better things is in the future... :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

...I loved WinCo even more?

P.S. I love WinCo more than Sam's Club. They are just starting to infiltrate Utah. The closest one to me in about 45 minutes away but I passed it today on my way home from Provo so I got me some of my Oregon Favorites...
WinCo- I've missed you these past 13 months...

Top 5 reasons WinCo is my favorite WINning COmpany:

1-They have Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream

2- The honey has a warning on it that says "Warning: Do not lift lid or bees will escape" Secretly makes me want to lift the lid.

3- You can buy pretty much anything in bulk... anything meaning stuff like peach rings, crackers, and pasta.

4- Pizza dough!!! Love it!!

5-okay... obvious? Prices. I heart how it's way cheap...

The End.

P.S. I love WinCo!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

...I was no-so-secretly in love with Sam' Club?

Ode to Sam’s Club

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
Mostly for the free samples
They feed my hungry starving student tummy

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
Where the food is abundant
Where else can you buy an 86 oz can of Pineapple?

Oh how I love Sam's Club
The miracles from that warehouse
Potstickers, Pomegranite Ice Cream, and Toaster Streudels for life.

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
My little blue card admits me
It is a key into the wondrous world that is Sam’s

Here’s a little student tip for all you out there… If you are a college Student- with a student ID- you can get a $15 gift card to Sam’s/Wal*Mart (yes Wal*Mart has a star in the middle. It’s what makes it Wal*Mart) for getting a Sam’s Club membership. Best part is? You can have a friend (aka mom) sign up with you and split the cost- $20 for you $20 for them and you get the gift card…Meaning… 40-20-15= total cost to you=5 bucks for a membership. That’s what I said…Oh how I love Sam’s Club. (I’m sure I would love Costco too but I don’t have a membership to that—nor have I tried… I should though… think they have a college membership? I’d be okay with that.) …mostly for the free sample lunches.

So hats off to you Sam… for letting me in your club.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

... I was a blog stalker?

That's right... I'm sitting here. Home alone on a Wednesday night (potentially sounds fine- but the fact is it's Christmas break-- someone HAS to be sitting around doing nothing like me... maybe they want to make Choristmas cookies and take them to rondom people's houses- much more fun if you have no idea who they are). Lame. What to do... what to do? I know. Sit and stalk blogs... Oh yes! I remember-- I do that all the time. I almost forgot-- almost...

Okay. I am officially lame... with a capitol LAME.

Just be careful... you never know who's watching you... or your blog. It could be a creepy blog stalker.

The end

Sunday, December 13, 2009

...I was an official Alumni?

Associate of Arts

Adams, Burke
Amaral, Jacob
Arnold, Xela
Bartholf, Ashley
Bate, Jared
Boyer, Lane...

...Myers, Mickelle Elizabeth...

...Wilson, Jason
Wolthuis, Alex B
Woodson, William T

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I think it's funny what a big deal peole make about graduation- ESPECIALLY the fact that I'm only getting my associates in GENERAL ED! Seriously guys... not that big of a deal... I went to pick up graduation stuff the other day (I paid for the cap and gown- I'm getting it- it could be the future halloween costume or something. Plus I'm always up for a "Free gift"- aka a polyester bag that says "WSU Alumni" on it) and it was ridiculous. I was asked to buy a class ring, join the alumni associating, and get my picture taken in my awesome purple robe. Don't worry guys-- I'm signed up for next semester. It's all good-- I'll be back in about a year then you can sell me a class ring (maybe... not), attempt (unsucessfully- but with more reason) to get me to join the alumni association, and take my picture (no I probably won't buy it) but really? I'm just there for the free gift... hey- one can never have too many purple polyester bags!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

...I ate too much?

Ughh.... Food is not delicious. I went to a church Christmas party. It is not my friend... ugh.
Maybe tomorrow we will be on speaking terms again...

Thursday, December 10, 2009 was the craziest thing in the world?

Dating. I think it should be a 4-letter word. Really. (D-A-T-Ing) I don’t even know if you want to get me started, so continue reading at your own discretion. (Danger: May contain certain health risks)

It’s not that I’m bitter or anything (really- I don’t mind that I’m not dating anyone- I have seriously WAY too much fun getting to know different people.) and don’t get me wrong I love dating- it’s fun and sometimes it would even be nice to have a boyfriend. But there is a point of no return… when it drives other people NUTS!

Please, if I ever become like this shake me violently and force a few drinks of really cold ice water down me.

Today I’m going to let you in on a secret: “Seven habits of highly annoying daters” Ready?

1- The Prayer Hug. This is not an original label- It’s copyrighted to one of my good friends, Cameran who has studied this quite extensively. It fits though. The Prayer hug is especially common in church- specifically Singles wards (thus the “prayer” part). It is when two people can’t stop the contact with each other for a few hours in church- okay I’m fine with the guys arm around the girl. Whatever. But when it turns into arms and heads intertwined and you can’t tell who is who from the back- it’s a problem…and it’s SUPER distracting. Gross.

2- Sticky hands syndrome. (AKA Super Glue hands syndrome depending on the severity) This is fairly similar to the Prayer hug only your hands are stuck together (bonus: BOTH hands). Lamp Post? Oh well… can’t let go. Small hallway? Squish through side-by-side. In the car? Hope it’s not stick shift. This can also apply to sitting on laps (ugh!) heads together, lips (get a room)… anything really. It makes us all uncomfortable.

3- The snowFLAKE. In my experience with every one of my friends, the second they get serious (even worse when they get engaged!) with a guy/girl the friendship you had suddenly becomes conditional- in favor of the significant other. Phone calls aren’t returned, texts aren’t responded to, and plans are cancelled… which leads to my next one when plans too happen…

4- The Friends date… Ever had one of those times when you just need a girl (or a guy) night? Yeah… no such thing with those friends who are dating someone. “I know we’re getting our nails done/watching a chick flick/going shopping/etc. but John might (secretly meaning will) come with me at the end (meaning ASAP).” Really?... You think he’d enjoy that?... Really? You think I’d enjoy that?.... Really? Do you want the BFF and the BF to be friends… Good Luck, my friend… good luck. Just, please- don’t cuddle on the couch while I’m there.

5- Speed-dating. When you know- you know (or so I hear… ) but do you think you know someone in a month? What’s their favorite color? What’s their preference of topping on a pizza? What about ordering at Olive Garden- Do you know their item of choice? How many kids do you want? Are they done with school? Happy with a High School diploma? Associates? Bachelors? Masters? PhD? I know a lot of this pent up frustration is because of the culture/area I was raised in- but seriously! A MONTH! 4 weeks! 30 days! It’s like a race to get married! Even more annoying is when the “prayer hug” and “sticky hands syndrome” stages start after only a day or two. Good Luck to ya… and much happiness.

6- The Eterni-daters. These are the ones that date for eternity- and I don’t mean like “aww.. you still go on dates after you’re married. Cute…” no… the ones that are all over each other and really should break up because they fight all the time but are so comfortable with each other they are scared to break up. They use each other as a cuddle buddy basically. Lots of PDA going on- not so much progression in the relationship. You’re only hurting each other- preventing you from dating other people who you really COULD progress with. (again… my culture/area affects my perception—anything over a year or two is considered a really long time. MY ideal? A year)

7- Spous-tus. What is this you ask… well do any of these look familiar:
“Mary Jane is missing her hubby”
“Mary Jane loves her husband SOOO much”
“Mary Jane is cuddling with her hubby”
“Mary Jane has the most wonderful husband”
“Mary Jane is watching a movie with John- her amazing husband tonight”
“Mary Jane misses John- only 3 more hours baby! Love you!! ”
“Mary Jane misses John- only 2 more hours!<3 <3 <3”
“Mary Jane misses John- only 23 more minutes till I get to see my honey muffin!”
“Mary Jane hopes her wonderful Hubby gets feeling better. Get well, Sweetums!”
“Mary Jane is annoying her friends with all the ridiculous status updates about her Husband”
(okay maybe not that last one…) It’s true. Okay, we know you love your husband/boyfriend. I’m PRETTY sure you wouldn’t have married/started dating him if you didn’t. Mostly… I think so at least. Is it really necessary to tell us every 5 minutes with your Facebook/Twitter Status? Really? (I could include with that make out profile pics- sick. We don’t need that.)

And there you have it. This list isn’t all encompassing but it is my top 7. And now you say to yourself “NOW I understand why she’s not married… bitter girl she is!” Like I said earlier, I promise I’m not bitter- just annoyed. (Sometimes being bitter is a marketable skill in the dating world...maybe.) I DO like to see my friends happy- I love to be involved in all the girly fun stuff of hearing their engagement story, ogling at the ring, helping to plan the wedding, and of course going to it- but it’s when the “lovey-dovey” gets in the way of what’s important- Respecting other people and the relationships you have other than with Mr. or Mrs. Right.
I’m sure that there are some things I unknowingly do that annoy other people. (Next up one someone else’s blog “7 Habits of Highly Annoying Mickelles”)

But it’s therapeutic to write about it- and maybe the daters will think twice before giving into their habits. Old habits die hard.

Okay, okay I’m getting off my soap box again. (apparently it’s well used) Until next time… was awesome 'cause finals were over?

That's all. Finals are over. :)

(P.S. If you don't believe I really talk like this. It's true. I type exactly how I talk. The end)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 was FINALS WEEK and I loved *NSync!?... ps this is random. really.

Yes... it's the most wonderful time of the year. No-- I don't mean the holiday season- I mean... FINALS WEEK! Only one more to go tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Honestly, I don't get too freaked out over final tests-- mostly over final projects and those were finished last week. It was a good day. Met with the Interpreting Coodinator at Weber to see what their need is there (it would be nice to work closer to school), took a final, and on the way back to my car the Missionaries stopped me to ask me if I was taking an institute (religion class) class this semester. (well.... I'm registered for one- attending? Maybe not s much as I should-- okay I've gone like 5 times this semester... FAIL! I'm such a bad RM! Good thing there aren't grades. I will go next semester- I signed up for "Teachings of Isaiah" Sooooo excited!)

I DID stop at FYE on the way home from taking my Operating Systems Final to use my $10 gift card I got for listening to a promo lecture about Windows 7 in that class (sometimes- it pays to... go to class.) I got 2 new CD's-- Don't worry I expect you to be super jealous when I tell you which ones... "*NSync; Home for the Holidays" and "Broadway favorites"... I know. You just can't help it. I'M jealous of ME! I used to have the *NSync one on tape-- that's right CASSETTE TAPE-- but alas... it has disappeared with the majority of my music since being gone for 18 months (it's like I died or something!) So on the way home- I rocked out to good old school Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris (okay maybe I had a problem when I was15- along with every other 15 year old girl) I'm not gonna lie though... they got really trashy with their 2nd and 3rd CD's. Next time you hum a little "Tearin' up my Heart" or "(God must have spent) A Little More Time on You"... think of me... It will make you smile. It's good for the brain during Finals Week.

Monday, December 7, 2009 was one o'clock in the morning and I was still awake?

Awesome. The End.
I got to talk to one of my favorite people in the world tonight. Gary. Need I say more? Okay, maybe I do.

Gary is one of my favorite people. I met him on my mission in Oregon. Gary is Deaf. Gary is good at bowling. He is the best. We got to teach him lots (he had stopped going to church so we went to help him get active again) and just became really good friends with him. He is one of the happiest people in the world and just makes me happy. If you could meet Gary he would make you happy too. Lindsey and Lacy (my roommates) got to meet him tonight via Skype. I think he made them happy too. (it was probably the Gary-fied rendition of "silent night" and "o come all ye faithful"- ADORABLE)

Maybe one day you'll get to meet Gary too- if you're lucky. Tell him I said "Hi" and ask him to sing "silent night".

Saturday, December 5, 2009

...I built my dream house?

Beautiful, Brand-new, One-Bedroom Home Available!

Property Details:
Property Type: Ski Chalet
Sq. foot: .15 ft.
Acres: 0.0017
Year Built: 2009
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: None (External)
Cooling: Over-head Central Air
Heating: in the Summer
Garage: 2
Interior: Gorgeous dark-brown interior walls and white carpetwith open spaces. Lots of room!

Exterior: Brand new multi-colored roof. Large support columns with stunning green statue over beautiful awning. External Chimney.
There's room for everyone in this immaculate home featuring open air, 1 fireplace (fires not recommended), 1 large bedroom/family room/game room/kitchen/office/gym/nursery/living room..., huge cov. patio, beautiful yard, manual sprinklers, quiet location.
Priced at only $169,000.
Contact Mickelle Myers for more details.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

...I was obsessed with several things in my life?

Frosted Mini-wheats. I'm obsessed with them. Really is there any better way to get your "6% of daily fiber"? really? They're made of Wheat. They're Mini (adorable!). AND they're frosted. really?

This summer while I worked as a counselor for EFY (another thing i'm obsessed with) and while I was at the MTC (check out all these Mormon acronyms- EFY=Especially for Youth- it's a kind of summer church camp; and MTC=Missionary Training Center- I was there for 9 weeks before going to Oregon- I'm obsessed with Oregon too. It's fine) I ate Life cereal like everyday. It's basically the best but usually I can't see myself spending $5 for a box of cereal. Right now I have found a replacement... with Frosted Mini-wheats. Other things I'm obsessed with:

  • My car
  • Heaters
  • My GDB gloves
  • Prepping my Sunday School Lesson 3 weeks in advance
  • Scarves (so maybe I'm cold at the moment)
  • Blog-stalking/Facebook-stalking
  • My awesome blue and white zig-zag stripped Dress (it's hot; $.97-at-Old-Navy-hot)
  • Earrings
  • Certain people- Not in a weird-creepy way. promise.
  • Certain words- "LOVE IT!" "Awesome" "Totally" "Fabulous" "Adorable" ect... Amen
  • Christmas Music
  • Acapella Music- seriously- it's awesome.
  • Beatboxing! I want to learn
  • Talks on CD (What could be better? honestly. Especially the ones for teenagers- John Bytheway, Andrew Horton, Curtis Jacobs... LOVE IT!)
  • The fact that I passed my test
  • Jumping in an excited fashion
  • Gingerbread houses (Friday. 6:45. the church on Cherry Lane. Be there)
  • Cake shows (Ace of Cakes, Challenge, Amazing Wedding Cakes- they infect my DVR at the moment)
  • "Say Yes to the Dress" (also an epidemic on the DVR)
  • Minnesota Accents. I want one. Amen.
    and once again...
  • Frosted Mini-wheats
  • EFY
  • Oregon!
It's true.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

...I passed my test?

Ahhhhh!!!!! SOOOO in love with the fact that after a year I finally passed my interpreter test. For the past year I've been working with a provisional permit (good but there are lots of requirements to keep it-- so annoying!) and have taken the test 3 times... It happens. It's a tough test... Looks like the 3rd time's the charm. LOVE IT! My computer is going to die now but wanted to "Ahhhhhhh!!!" for myself!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...laughing was awesome?

Advice: I love to laugh. the end. Especially when I'm sitting in a dirty auto shop class- laptop on an even dirtier metal workbench- with twenty 17-year-olds around to watch me. I won't lie. It's fun and I just did it like 2 seconds ago. LOVE IT!!

times when I don't like laughing: School Computer Labs. This one school... I was trying to do some homework and there was a crazy girl just on the other side of me snickering...okay the appropriate term is "LOL" (or is that L'ingOL or LOLing? VOTE!) at some YouTube video she was watching. It was ridiculous- if I was the lab aide I would have talked to her. really.

but again... I love laughing. Next time you laugh- think of me- Especially when people don't know why you're laughing. It's great. Recommended for all ages.

the end. :)