Monday, November 30, 2009

**Public Service Announcement**

After that long post about how I- along with the rest of the world- am addicted to "connectedness" I experienced the lack of it. The Announcement

I survived 6 hours today without my phone.

This morning as I was rushing out the door for my hour-long commute I left my phone in my room. I didn't realize it until it was too late. I thought now's my chance to prove I can do it... wrong choice. Why? My student I interpret for was sick and texted me to tell me not to come in. After an hour there- waiting an hour- then an hour back... was it worth proving to myself I could do it? Maybe- but it sure cost me like 10 bucks worth of gas.

Life happens. the end.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

...we were all WAY too connected?

"Hi, my name is Mickelle and I'm addicted to Facebook/Blogger/email/texting..." I'm the first to admit I might have a problem...

As I was sitting in church today- trying to listen to the speakers- I was only slightly distracted by the fact that literally no one around me was paying attention. Person A, sitting to the right of me was texting (probably an emergency I'm sure...) while Person B in front of me was searching Facebook on their iPhone to add her latest friend request (important!). Person C to the left of me was looking up hymns on her iTouch (okay that's legit) and Person C- also sitting on our row was deeply imersed in her "knocking various colored jewels with a little ball" game (bored?). The thought came to me "Why are we so addicted?"

I don't have internet on my phone- (although I do occasionally text my Facebook status change- when I've got that extra excitment to tell people "Mickelle is at work...again" or "Mickelle is at school... again") but I do use the internet frequently (I am a Business/Multimedia Major) and almost everytime I get on I do check my Facebook/email. I am one of the first to say I love technology- but really do we need it all? Seriously- it's gotten Ridiculous! And now we have what the world calls "Twitter". great. Just what we need-- not only do we need to change our Facebook status everytime we get on the computer- but we also need to use our phone to tell someone what you are doing at the exact moment- including sitting in church. When these two worlds collide we get what is called the "insta-tus" Meaning there are 12 new status updates from the same person in a 1/2 hour period. It's great.

Not only is it the Social Networking that keeps us in touch- it's the texting. Again- I love texting. I might or might not have sent a million messages in a month (okay maybe not quite that many but I love texting.) It's really nice for the purpose of things such as "I'm running late" or- my favorite- Mass texting invites for the next party (but don't you dare ask me out over texting.) The best and worst of texting comes with the fact that you can text pretty much anywhere. (Except maybe the lobby and Mac Lab of Elizabeth Hall at Weber state. It's fine.) It's nice to be able to shoot a quick text if you are in a library or somewhere you can't talk-- but it's probably not the best thing for somewhere like... oh I don't know... Church? the middle of a conversation? a class? yeah. I prefer to leave my phone in my car/home/on silent (not vibrate. If I know I have something I want... no- need, to check it. Told you: obsessed) in a deep, dark pocket of my purse during church. I am perfectly capable of living without it for 3 hours. (Confession: Sometimes I don't even check it for a few hours after that.) It's pretty liberating...

So in conclustion. I love technology... really. It makes me happy- but sometimes we need to cut it off. I dare you... leave the phone off. Be a rebel- don't change your Facebook status. Tweeting can hold till later. You'll love it.

**Mickelle gets off her soapbox**

Thank you and Good night.

Friday, November 27, 2009

...I found a really good deal on textbooks and it was awesome?

Yeah... awesome! Check these links out. The one downside to renting books is you don't get that 1/4 of your life savings back at the end of the semester- really you don't even spend it. :) I used it this semester and so far have been pretty happy with it. The books I got were either new or gently used and they all had the required CD's/Codes included... and FREE shipping back at the end. YES! I'm going to try this out this semester- mostly because I found my books for this semester cheaper and considering I have a $200 special "Weber State Edition" book (don't get me started- There are not words for my anger at those books) that is required for one class- I have to save money on my other books. This also has free shipping back home.


This last semester I did have to buy 2 books though (Blast those Weber State Editions and professors who don't post their book requirements in time!) if anyone is in need of an Excell 2007 book for TBE 3090 or a "Special Edition" Communication book for Comm 2010... I know a great place you can get them. really.

Thursday, November 26, 2009 was Thanksgiving and I loved it?

That's right. I love Thanksgiving... I love everything about it- even the smell of Turkey- and really I don't even like Turkey (I can just hear the cries of the angry purists beating at my door: "BLASPHEMY!" "SINNER!") Two years ago was one of the first/only Thanksgivings, that I can remember, that I ate Turkey- because I was on my mission and ate with members.
Back to the "I love Thanksgiving" topic. Mostly I just love it because people officially approve of my Christmas song listening! Oh, don't worry once Halloween is over- I'm one of the first ones to tune my radio into FM 100.3 and KOSY 106.5- Famous for their Christmas music all day, all the time- I was slightly disappointed when it took a few days after Halloween- not gonna lie. Now traditionally before Thanksgiving when people get in my car they audibly cringe (yes- it is possible!) when they hear what's grooving my radio. I know you're jealous. Don't deny it. You just aren't cool enough admit that you LOVE the sound of "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" while you're driving with your windows down and 75 degrees (that's why it's called BEGINNING!).... or the the Chipmunks belting out "I still want a HUUUULA HOOP!" (I totally did!) It's basically the best. Don't get me wrong... I definitly DON'T skip Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas (Of which I have been accused of several times) but I just love Christmas music...AND Thanksgiving. The End.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

...I made a blog?

Okay I joined the club. Mostly because I'm at work and I don't have anyone to spout random thoughts, phrases, words (not usually just one word), and/or dance moves to. Apparently it's cool to have a blog... So I'm now officially cool. I have accomplished the purpose in my life- what about you?
On the anyway... I was thinking about how procrastinatory I am. (yes- one of my random words- figure it out.) and decided that it's like this: (I should have a chart or some sort of spreadsheet- I'm obsessed with spreadsheets now- ever since I've taken my Advanced Excel class- I have them for everything. really.)

For Example- The life-cycle of a semester:

Several weeks before school: Registration- I'm SO on top of that. I'm excited to scratch one more semester off my neverending graduation requirements. The more credits- the better- usually around 16.

About 2 weeks before school: BOOKS- aka devulge your life savings into a stack of papers you will never use in class and will sell back at the end of this not-using-them fest for 1/4 of your life savings. The End. That's all I have. Although I do use some of my books- and good thing? I'm SO on schedule. CHECK!

First week of the semester: Classes- I've got my books, backpack, my binder all organized with each class having it's own divider and folder- any and all syllabus are placed in their proper folder. My planner is filled out in relation to due dates. Professors names and numbers are on speed dial on my phone and in my email address book (not really- I'm not a STALKER- okay maybe I am- but only on Facebook) I'm SO good... that's right. Pat on the back for me. This is going to be a GREAT semester... THEN...

About week 4: Bring on the Assignments- I'm pretty sure professors coordinate in their secret lair.

(Setting: Somewhere in the underground tunnels at your preferred university)

Professor A: What should we do today to give the little children an overabundance of stress today?
Professor B: Hmm... I am behind my quota on sending students out due to stress induced ulcers...
Professor A: I know! We can have all of our projects due at the SAME TIME! Perfect!

And that's how it goes-- it's all there is to it. They like it. Thus the cycle begings... Students staying up all hours to finish projects... keeping the computer lab open with their cries for mercy... and last of all the thing that teachers loath most of all .... Excuses. I once heard from a very wise Vehicle Coordinator on my mission "Excuses are..." I can't remember- but really it was something like "Don't make excuses for going over on your miles..." but in reality we had a valid reason for going over... Really. Where was I going with that? Oh yes...Application? People don't like excuses and especially teachers. The end. So... the solution? Brown nosing. Yes I know it sounds unethical- but it's true. Teachers love it when you offer to help... when you tell them how good they are doing... and when you act organized (something I'm apparently good at) ... and when you go to class. I have learned this, especially this semester, that even though the teacher says "attendance is not required" and the syllabus says "attendance is not required"- it secretly is. They have secret meetings and then you end up with a grade that makes you angry on a Tuesday night and you can't even drive to the meeting you have that night so your roommate has to drive then you end up eating ice cream while watching "Biggest Loser". It's fine.

By the end of this panicked state I have moved on to what is called the "finish-2-weeks-worth-of-work-in-1-day" stage. It happens several times a semester. It's fine. I usually come out doing alright... and sometimes better than alright. Usually... by the time the semester's over and I would be in the "finishing" stages-- which includes the common disease: "ready-to-be-done-itis"- things are back to nomal and the whole cycle starts all over again...

So now I'm off to work on my spreadsheet of next semester's class schedule