Monday, July 30, 2012

School ruined me

No really... I'm so glad I'm done.

I'm glad I don't have to go back... unless I want to. (Maybe I'm crazy and want to go get my Masters in the next few years... maybe.)

But just so you know- School had ruined me for forever.


Because our house decided that having electricity was just not something it wanted to continue to provide in certain areas of the house (Mainly our disposal, AC, and Dishwasher... awesome) we have been on the hunt for an Electrician. My dad is usually our go-to handy man (he really can fix anything) but he's super busy and we feel bad asking him for everything. So, we- being independent adults decide to look for someone we will have to (deep breath) pay to help fix our problem.

It's fine.

We have a whole room in our house that the outlets don't work so we've needed to do it anyway... we just don't use the room right now, so we've put it off.

I'm cheap, Okay?

First place I go to look? The internet of course.

This is where my problem of my schooling comes in:

I majored in Business/Multimedia Technologies. Meaning: Basically, I learned how to use Multimedia and other P.R. tools for Business. I took thrilling classes such as "Train the Trainer", "Business Law", and "Business English". Whoo! And not to make you think I partied too hard in my days as a student- I did have to take several Telecomm classes that literally had NOTHING to do with what I was learning in my other classes (I know, right?).

Anyway... again, back to the point: As I'm googling  "Electricians in X City" I just went down the list.


Literally, I can never not judge a website again based on my experiences in my web-design class.

I am an admitted Website Judge-er.

Some examples for your enjoyment (Some identifying information has been changed):

"Need a ladder? BOOM we get to to work."

"No Problems to small we do it all" (did ya catch that? "to" and "too" mistakes make me crazy!)

Under the testimonials section: "Oh man these guys are just great..." (which is great in an of itself but it continues "this page is under construction. working on a way for customer feedback." All this is on a white background and highlighted in... pink.

Picture large Google ads above and below tiny writing that says: "Call us or fill out your info. We'll get back to you." Obviously they don't REALLY want a website... just a web presence...?? right?

all the timeAnd maybe you all (because obviously there are millions of my readers out there...) are reading this and thinking... really?

It makes me crazy, okay?

People, if you're going to have a website, PLEASE make sure to spell check... and have someone else besides your mom look at it.