Saturday, November 26, 2011


How awesome are these ornaments?

That's right.


Friday, November 25, 2011

...and it starts.

Christmas season is finally here- although, don't worry, I've been listening to Christmas music since after Halloween.

be jealous.

Anyway, now is the time that we get to start traditions- and since it's our first year being married- now's the chance to start some super awesome ones.

Tradition number Uno: NOT going out early on Black Friday- but luckily our new puppy woke me up early enough on Thanksgiving day to order online one of the things on Rick's list that might have been sold out otherwise. We slept in this morning until 7 am then stayed in PJ's until 10 or so...

Tradition number Dos: Tonight we're going to pick out a tree (good luck having a tree with the new puppy, right?)- a REAL tree. I only had that one time growing up. I'm not gonna lie- fake trees seem like less work but sometimes ya gotta keep the husband happy and I'm kind of excited to pick one out and have the good pine smell for a month.

Tradition number Three: We're going to decorate the tree tonight. Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments, Ribbon, and the ornaments we collected as we grew up. MMm... sounds like the holidays? Yes it does. We'd go for the Popcorn garland but, oh yeah- puppies really like popcorn.

Tradition number Three + One: Next week the local Baptist church has a live nativity. We go every year...Well I have, and Rick came last year. We're going again this year. It's a lot of fun and they do a great job at showing the real reason for Christmas. Sometimes, like everyone, I get tired of the commercialism (maybe that's for another blog post) and people giving "stuff" to each other. "Stuff we don't need." One of the favorite quotes-

"We buy things we don't need,
with money we don't have,
to impress people we don't like,
who don't ever come over to get impressed."
-MaryEllen Edmunds


I'm off my soap box for now.

Tradition number Five: A lot of people do this- my family never did, but Rick's family always opened one present on Christmas Eve. He wants to keep that tradition. I told him that was fine as long as I get to keep one of my favorites... which would be:

Tradition numero SIX: We don't do stockings until New Years Day. My parents used to tell us that Santa brought the stuff that fell to the bottom of his bag on his way back around the world. I think it's something from Germany (my grandma is from Germany) but I love it and always have said I want to keep it in my family.

That's it for now... Preeetty sure this will be the best Christmas 2011 EVER!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

...I fixed it?

Yeah, that's right.

I made it un-boring.

Y'all should be jealous.

Although, I'm not sure what you should be jealous of, because it's not super hard to jump over to and borrow their stuff...

Guess I should learn to be more original, eh?