Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh, Facebook...

I have feelings about Facebook.

Mixed Feelings.

Okay I lied- I love Facebook, but I really have a problem with what people put on Facebook.

I've already heard the lecture "It's my Facebook and I can do whatever I want to it and if you don't like me then just de-friend me." Harsh, eh? Don't worry I won't de-friend you, I'll just look at your profile when it comes up and shake my head solemnly.

Let me just say: You probably, might, really should act the same way on Facebook that you would in real life. Meaning:

- if you aren't trashy in real life-- please don't put trashy pictures up! Boys will not marry you for what your Facebook picture looks like, they eventually have to meet you face to face.
- if you don't want your mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, neighbors, future kids, and/or creepers from around the corner seeing something- don't post it. It lives forever online.
- language that you wouldn't share with the above mentioned group of people, probably isn't appreciated. that's all.
- whether you know it or not, people look up to and respect you- don't ruin it by a momentary (or longer) lapse in judgement when posting a status, post, or picture.

the end.

i feel better now.