Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...there was a reason it was at the dollar store?

I'm a dollar store stalker.

It started about 4 years ago, while I was on my mission in Portland.

And thus was born, the little segment I like to call... "There's a reason its at the dollar store".

I hope you enjoy the first edition with the "Oooh Duckies Bubbles".

Not even kidding.

Monday, August 1, 2011

...I was sharing the musical love?

I think I would really like a Karaoke Machine.

I was watching one of my favorite episodes of "Boy Meets World" (okay so I live in the past), the one where everyone goes to a Karaoke Bar. I'm a fan.

When I was on my mission, there was a family that always wanted us to do a little Karaoke with them before we taught them. (don't worry guys... it was crazy music like "Edelwiess", pretty harmless... and maybe I'm justifying.) It was pretty strange at first, but super fun. I feel like I should spread the love and save my pennies for one of these pretty, little machines.

Maybe I should start up a collection- because who doesn't want to support a Karaoke fund?