Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yeah... so about how long it's been...

Okay so possibly, maybe it's been a long time...

I have excuses though.

Not good ones, but still excuses as to why I've been AWOL.

Ones like:

 I get an idea about what I want to write about, then I forget (I should write them down)

or We moved and didn't have internet (for about a day- I think I would have died for real)

or Moving takes a lot of time (For real? We've been mostly moved in for about a month except for the secret box that we don't know where to put the stuff that's in it so it's just hanging out in a closet with the door shut. Out of sight out of mind, right?)

I'm outta excuses... I've shot all of them down.

So here I am.


I know. Maybe I should give you time to get over the shock.



So. Life is good. See?

Homeowner? Check

Bachelors Degree? Check

One yearaversary? Check

Getting a pet dog? Check-ish... coming June 7th!! (a Black Lab I raised to be a Guide Dog and she is now retiring at age 11 and gets to come live with us. We still have my current puppy I'm raising to be a Guide Dog.)

DisneyWorld trip? Check

First Semester working outside of college? Check.

Buying our first Lawn Mower? Check

Learning how to tile a countertop? Check

Check. Check. Check...

I love life. Period.

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