Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleaning for people you like

"We buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like, who don't come over to get impressed." ~ Mary Ellen Edmunds

This statement is a true statement...

I just have a few amendments to add to this:
 "...We clean things because people are coming over and we think they care or look at it, but they really don't." ~ Mickelle Smith

This morning I have friends coming over...

These friends are coming over to do crafts... (Yes, I'm turning domestic.)

They are coming over to MAKE A MESS... and what am I doing this morning?


Yes, that's right. I don't even have kids... The cleanliness lasts about a day at our house... And I'm just saying it's not always the fault of the cute boy that lives with me. I'm sure it's all in a person's perspective though... Anyway...

I started by putting away our laundry (why, yes, it is in our living room in stacks.)... and by putting away I mean putting it in another room that no one will see... then I noticed that there were blankets everywhere and folded those. Then I cleaned up the toilet paper shreds from the hall... The puppy decided there were not enough decorations and wanted to craft for himself. (Seriously, he could probably just be the Charmin puppy. Running through the hall like that. With a roll of toilet paper in his mouth.)

Following the toilet paper clean up, I went to sweep, then noticed there were dog nose prints on the stainless steel appliances (Stainless= LIES! ALL LIES!), had to clean those up, then I noticed the counters had spots on them, (They are grey and brown flecked tile... Really, Mickelle! Really?!), then I noticed my black canisters had four and sugar all over the outside so I had to clean those... That's when I realized maybe my ADD was getting out of hand.

So what if my canisters have spots on them (they don't anymore, by the way.), So what if I only dusted in front of the pictures leaning on my piano, and so what if I didn't sweep underneath the couch (probably will... I'm just saying.)... They are coming over to make a mess... and I"m pretty sure they won't be saying "Wow, Mickelle! You're canisters are sure looking nice today!"

... although, if they wanted to... I won't be unprepared.

Those canisters sure do look nice...

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