Monday, February 18, 2013

Nessicary, nescissary. Nesisary.

There's something about a day off that makes me want to conquer the world... But then I remember that I have no motivation for that so I lay in bed until it's necessary that I get up.

Now is not the time to get up, so I am sitting in my bed wasting time. There are no new statuses on Facebook, there's nothing more to read on any news websites, all caught on blog reading... So here is my back-up time waster:


Nothing new and exciting to write about, so here are some old and not so exciting things to write about.

10 things about me that happened a long time ago, that might have been exciting at the time, but now they aren't:

1. I chipped my tooth once in a swimming pool. I just got it fixed like last year.
2. I used to not like avacados, but now I do. Actually I love them.
3. I won 2nd place in the State Geography Bee in 4th grade and all I got was a stinking pass to go skiing. I sold it for $30. (A lot of money for a 10 year old!)
4. I still haven't gone skiing to this day. Probably should have used the pass. (THIRTY DOLLARS!)
5. I decided long ago that I don't like animal movies. If the movie has an animal as a main character it always gets lost/hurt/dies and I can't handle this. Most people are surprised by this fact since they think I'm a "dog fanatic". (Also an untrue statement. Obviously they haven't met a real dog lady.) I still haven't seen "Marley and Me" and never will.
6. I was in a spelling bee and was outed on the word "maybe". I always spell it correctly now but i can't spell "necessary" to save my life. I have to Google it every time or use a different word. (Used it like three times in this post FYI.) 
7. I didn't like when my mom did my bangs like "poodle bangs" (all poofy as was custom in the early 90's) so one time I did my own bangs with the same small curling iron but refused to "poof" them. Don't worry that it was picture day. Those pictures are buried deep in my parents basement. Bad ideas of a 10-year-old...
8. Before I started raising Guide Dogs for the Blind, I wanted a pug. I wanted to name it "Busta" like Chris from *NSYNC. Don't judge me... You liked them too.
9. Growing up, I told people I was going to marry someone rich. That didn't happen... But I still like him. I think I'll keep him.
10. I got my ears pierced when I was 8. The day I was baptized. I wad so worried that when I went in the water my piercings would close up... It's fine. They don't.

Guess is better get up now... Breakfast is calling...

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