Saturday, October 23, 2010

...I was NOT a fan of Halloween?

This is my confession: Scary things scare me.

Ever since I was little I just haven't liked Halloween. In Elementary school I was the kid that was so terrified that during the time while the whole school would line up for a costume parade around the halls- I would hide in the office. I can't help that I never grew out of that stage.

My costumes usually consisted of something non-scary- a Ballerina, a Princess, Caroline Ingalls (don't judge me- You all KNOW you watched "Little House on the Prarie" and are jealous you didn't think of it.), Miss America, an Ewok (not just one- but TWO of us. My friend and I both were Ewoks), and maybe a pumpkin was thrown in there. I didn't like scary costumes... Especially with lots of makeup or masks.

At sleepovers when the scary stories started coming out... Eyes and Ears were covered... or I would call my mom to come get me. There are still a very few that I've accidently heard over the years--- and I still cringe when I hear even the names or parts of them... I won't even talk about scary movies. Don't believe anyone when they say "It's really not that scary... You'll be fine." Liars. I've learned to do like drugs and "Just Say NO!"

Let's just say... If Halloween requested to be my friend on Facebook, I would ignore it.... and move on to better holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  1. I also don't like celebrating Halloween. I don't even decorate for it. Just the carved pumpkins outside. I also do not like all of the candy the kids bring home. I end up having to throw away a lot of it, so the younger ones don't choke on them.