Sunday, October 17, 2010


I move that weekends be extended.

Current conditions demand more time to do things that need to be done at home. Schools should be closed, work should be halted, and temperatures should stay at 75 degrees. I support a world where sleeping past 6 am one more day is the norm and where kids can play outside until 10 at night because there's no school tomorrow! One more day for playing, one more day for sleeping... and if you so choose- one more day to clean and do homework! This extended weekend will heal the world of all tired yawns caused by early mornings, late evenings, and too much work.

I want a better tomorrow by making it still the weekend today!

All in favor?


  1. What about the people who have to work weekends?

  2. I thought you meant that Rick proposed to you! ayee!

  3. Haha... Don't worry Steph you would know...