Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...I had more advice? (You know you love it)

Can you believe it? I've survived 3 1/2 whole months of being married. I know. Right? I'm an old married person now...

no really... we go to bed at 10 like every night.

It's awesome.

I just thought I'd share some wisdom from an old lady...

1) Changing your name is confusing. I'm still going through an identity crisis.

The other day I was at church and introduced myself as: "I'm Mickelle Myers... AH! No, Smith! Ahh... It's been at least a week since I've done that. Mickelle Smith."

They think I'm crazy.

Don't even ask me which name to sign at the bank...

2) The first thing you should buy for your new apartment is a plunger. Not kidding.

Like 3 days after we got back from our honeymoon, at 11:30 pm, our toilet got stopped up. Awesome.

Even more awesome? Both of us had to work really early in the morning- like before stores open- and we wouldn't get home home until like 6 that night.


Needless to say, when I bought a plunger- I bought some hard core cleaning chemicals too.

3) Best presents we got, in no particular order: Gift cards, food, and cash.

Weirdest present we got? A kids telescope (?)

4) Being married is expensive. Save your pennies if you want to get married.

Lots of pennies.

5) Living in an apartment isn't so bad... best part is that we don't have to take care of a yard. The saddest part is- there's no yard for my dog to run.

Buying a house is definitely still on our list of things to do in the near future... after our lease is up.

6) Making dinner for a meat-lover and a mostly vegetarian is hard.

We eat lots of meals like Hawaiian Haystacks, Tacos, Fajitas... things you can add what you want. It's kind of silly- but it works. We do mostly okay. Sometimes we have to give into the other and I make him some sausage-laden meal and sometimes he lets me have my veggie pasta... but it's good.

7) When you have someone sleeping in the same bed as you that wakes up at 6 am every morning, you can kiss sleeping in good bye.

I've tried to sleep in, but the latest I get is 7 am.

Sometimes letting him pick the movie isn't so bad... and sometimes it's real bad. Like fall-asleep-in-the-theater bad.

Good: The Conspirator (excellent movie)

Real Bad: The Eagle (yes. maybe I did fall asleep)

9) Boys don't really care for decorated apartments... unless it's with Superman memorabilia or giant posters of movies.


not a fan.

That's why you just have to decorate when they're gone, then let them notice it on their own.

This is one thing I give the advice: Don't ask. Just do.

Being married is the best... My advice is to get married. I'm a huge fan of it.

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