Thursday, June 2, 2011 was the simple things?

Yup. I am sitting here watching the National Spelling Bee... not kidding. It usually doesn't take much to entertain me. I'm okay with it though... who doesn't enjoy a good game of Angry Birds every once in a while? Or napping in your car because you're too early for work and you refuse to go in 5 minutes early?

Last night I got to experience one of these simple things...

yes, that's right... Rick and I BOTH got to sit at a TABLE and eat dinner... at the same time!

Whaaat?! Oh yes... for the past 3 months we haven't had a table so we've had to sit on the couch and eat... being extra careful not to spill anything. No longer will that be the norm. We officially have a table- granted we only have one folding chair so someone has to sit on a rubbermaid container- but that's besides the point. We have a table. Chairs are the next order of business... but we'll take care of that later.

See? I take pleasure in simple things.

(it's ridiculous I know)

Speaking of ridiculous things... I'm starting to feel the pangs of missing EFY. For the last couple years it's been the branding of my summer... "The EFY Summer of 20__"... and now it's not. One day I would L.O.V.E. to be involved as a Teacher or as a Session Director (I'm still working on getting Rick on that bandwagon) but for now I just have to shout out to my EFY Counselors of 2011 (including my brother):

Live it up!
Be the best counselor out there.
Love it... best summer of your life-
Sharing what you love with people you will love... alot
Take care of my kids
and Dance to some Miley for me...

Now I'm going to go crank up a little "Party in the USA"...

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