Thursday, May 13, 2010

...I liked- okay loved- Portland a little bit- a lot?

This last week I went to my favorite state in the union.

Road tripping to Oregon is pretty much the best.

Why you ask? Well... let me tell you in the best way I know how.

The 5-Reasons-Why-I-Love-Portland-and-Why-You-Should-Love-It-Too List:

1. The Portland Saturday Market. If you haven't been there- you should go. It's worth anything less than a 12 hour drive to go up for a day of shopping under the Morrison Bridge. really. I got a really awesome bag from an Indian guy who made me walk a quarter mile to use my credit card to pay "ONE SIX POINT ZERO ZERO" dollars for it. I also got some purple shades ($10 from the man who kept handing me the mirror), amazing grey-stripey sheets, a slinky-bracelet that is amazing (impossible to describe- find the Asian lady who sells them. She's pretty sweet.), and some clips for my little sister. And to top it all off... an Elephant Ear. If you haven't had one, get one. I'm just saying that they are amazing. It's like a giant thin scone with cinnamon-sugar all over it... enough cinnamon-sugar to coat the elephant ear and the inside front seats and floor of my car. (true story. I just vacuumed it out yesterday. gross.)

2. The Portland LDS Temple. Technically it's in Lake Oswego- but close enough. Here is a picture of it- but honestly- pictures never do it justice. I actually don't even think it's super pretty in pictures. You'll just have to go. It's so beautiful to just walk around. Right now there are tulips everywhere and a really pretty fountain. It's a good place just to go and relax. I recommend it.

3. Changs Mongolian Grill. Can I just say DELICIOUS? Mmm... I don't even know why this place is so great, but it is. I think it's the "edible napkins" (the crepes or pancakes I think is what they call them) or maybe it's the free ice cream at the end- but no other mongolian place comes close. It's the holy grail of all Mongolian resteraunts and will be until I can find something better. I have been unsuccessful up until now. If anyone has any suggestions within 30 miles of Ogden, Utah throw them out there because I'm missing me some Changs.

4. The Highway 26 tunnel. Not even kidding. My favorite is starting in Beaverton and heading east- especially at night. There are trees everywhere- Tunnel.... then BAM! City! I love it... One day I'm going to get my camera out to record it. It's just the essence of Portland. The pretty, natural part- and the trendy, big city. It's such a diverse city- if someone says they live in Portland, Oregon there's no telling if it's the upperclass West Hills or the Bohemian feel of Southeast. I love it. No matter where you go- it's always something new.

5. AUSM. Yes... this License plate seen last weekend summed it up for me (I was driving so no picture. Sorry)... AUSM.

There you have just a few reasons why I love the city of Portland- although there are lots more- I'll let you not be overwhelemed by the city's "ausm-ness".


  1. Oh man! ok I'm gonna go to portland, oregon! I suddenly want to go everywhere! whether it's in the states or to another country!

  2. Awww, you're making me miss my home state!

    My mom applied for a job in Portland. Her chances are pretty good too.

  3. P.S.- the traffic feed on the sidebar is creepy. I feel like I'm being watched.

    Just saying.