Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...the Eggo shortage continued...

Shopping is no fun when it's for things you need. Things like food. 
I like food, don't get me wrong, but spending money on something that is just going to be gone in a few weeks is no bueno. 
So while I was on this excessive spending of money spree my roommates and I decided to take a stroll down the frozen isle. Don't worry right in front of where the Extra Delicious Eggo Microwave ready waffles are supposed to go, is the giant sign that reminds us all why we have had a gray cloud over us the last 2 months... 

1 comment:

  1. Update on the Eggo Shortage: It appears to finally be reaching Costco. Until recently Eggo's were still in supply at Costco, however, the last time I went there I noticed the Eggo bin was starting to look emptier. This may be only they hadn't restocked it...or it may be because the Eggo shortage is finally reaching them. Only time will tell.