Thursday, November 26, 2009 was Thanksgiving and I loved it?

That's right. I love Thanksgiving... I love everything about it- even the smell of Turkey- and really I don't even like Turkey (I can just hear the cries of the angry purists beating at my door: "BLASPHEMY!" "SINNER!") Two years ago was one of the first/only Thanksgivings, that I can remember, that I ate Turkey- because I was on my mission and ate with members.
Back to the "I love Thanksgiving" topic. Mostly I just love it because people officially approve of my Christmas song listening! Oh, don't worry once Halloween is over- I'm one of the first ones to tune my radio into FM 100.3 and KOSY 106.5- Famous for their Christmas music all day, all the time- I was slightly disappointed when it took a few days after Halloween- not gonna lie. Now traditionally before Thanksgiving when people get in my car they audibly cringe (yes- it is possible!) when they hear what's grooving my radio. I know you're jealous. Don't deny it. You just aren't cool enough admit that you LOVE the sound of "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" while you're driving with your windows down and 75 degrees (that's why it's called BEGINNING!).... or the the Chipmunks belting out "I still want a HUUUULA HOOP!" (I totally did!) It's basically the best. Don't get me wrong... I definitly DON'T skip Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas (Of which I have been accused of several times) but I just love Christmas music...AND Thanksgiving. The End.


  1. Luckily here in Canada we've already had Thanksgiving by the time we come to Halloween, so I feel no guilt putting on the Christmas CDs starting Nov 1st. Wish we had a radio station that starts that early though, The ones I've found start around Dec 1.

  2. I would be a cringer for sure!! I make sure the stations I listen too only play a smattering of christmas music. I can only hear Jingle Bells so many times in one day. lol

  3. I am with ya!! I love the christmas music! If it wasnt for the fact that we are moving, I would have had all the decorations out and up already by now. I finish thanksgiving dinners with family and come straight home and decorate. Alas it will have to wait this year though. It will be fun to unpack and decorate all at the same time!!