Sunday, November 29, 2009

...we were all WAY too connected?

"Hi, my name is Mickelle and I'm addicted to Facebook/Blogger/email/texting..." I'm the first to admit I might have a problem...

As I was sitting in church today- trying to listen to the speakers- I was only slightly distracted by the fact that literally no one around me was paying attention. Person A, sitting to the right of me was texting (probably an emergency I'm sure...) while Person B in front of me was searching Facebook on their iPhone to add her latest friend request (important!). Person C to the left of me was looking up hymns on her iTouch (okay that's legit) and Person C- also sitting on our row was deeply imersed in her "knocking various colored jewels with a little ball" game (bored?). The thought came to me "Why are we so addicted?"

I don't have internet on my phone- (although I do occasionally text my Facebook status change- when I've got that extra excitment to tell people "Mickelle is at work...again" or "Mickelle is at school... again") but I do use the internet frequently (I am a Business/Multimedia Major) and almost everytime I get on I do check my Facebook/email. I am one of the first to say I love technology- but really do we need it all? Seriously- it's gotten Ridiculous! And now we have what the world calls "Twitter". great. Just what we need-- not only do we need to change our Facebook status everytime we get on the computer- but we also need to use our phone to tell someone what you are doing at the exact moment- including sitting in church. When these two worlds collide we get what is called the "insta-tus" Meaning there are 12 new status updates from the same person in a 1/2 hour period. It's great.

Not only is it the Social Networking that keeps us in touch- it's the texting. Again- I love texting. I might or might not have sent a million messages in a month (okay maybe not quite that many but I love texting.) It's really nice for the purpose of things such as "I'm running late" or- my favorite- Mass texting invites for the next party (but don't you dare ask me out over texting.) The best and worst of texting comes with the fact that you can text pretty much anywhere. (Except maybe the lobby and Mac Lab of Elizabeth Hall at Weber state. It's fine.) It's nice to be able to shoot a quick text if you are in a library or somewhere you can't talk-- but it's probably not the best thing for somewhere like... oh I don't know... Church? the middle of a conversation? a class? yeah. I prefer to leave my phone in my car/home/on silent (not vibrate. If I know I have something I want... no- need, to check it. Told you: obsessed) in a deep, dark pocket of my purse during church. I am perfectly capable of living without it for 3 hours. (Confession: Sometimes I don't even check it for a few hours after that.) It's pretty liberating...

So in conclustion. I love technology... really. It makes me happy- but sometimes we need to cut it off. I dare you... leave the phone off. Be a rebel- don't change your Facebook status. Tweeting can hold till later. You'll love it.

**Mickelle gets off her soapbox**

Thank you and Good night.

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