Friday, November 27, 2009

...I found a really good deal on textbooks and it was awesome?

Yeah... awesome! Check these links out. The one downside to renting books is you don't get that 1/4 of your life savings back at the end of the semester- really you don't even spend it. :) I used it this semester and so far have been pretty happy with it. The books I got were either new or gently used and they all had the required CD's/Codes included... and FREE shipping back at the end. YES! I'm going to try this out this semester- mostly because I found my books for this semester cheaper and considering I have a $200 special "Weber State Edition" book (don't get me started- There are not words for my anger at those books) that is required for one class- I have to save money on my other books. This also has free shipping back home.


This last semester I did have to buy 2 books though (Blast those Weber State Editions and professors who don't post their book requirements in time!) if anyone is in need of an Excell 2007 book for TBE 3090 or a "Special Edition" Communication book for Comm 2010... I know a great place you can get them. really.

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