Monday, February 15, 2010

...Valentines day was the greatest? I miss those days.

Let me take you on a journey... I'll play the part of the "Ghost of Valentines Past". Ready?

When I was in Elementary School the "Day of Love" was great! There was some good times making those awesome boxes (and the one kid who's mom made it all amazing while yours looked like a 4 year old did it because the glue wouldn't stick... grrr).

Of course, the ceremonial going through the cute puppy or superhero Valentines to make sure you didn't give "I think you're cute, Valentine" to any boys, and the best ones with 2 Boxes of Nerds went to your BFF. It was a careful selection process- making sure to match up each name to a particular valetine. Quite complex if I do say so myself... (remember I was a gifted child ;))

Then the day of distribution arrives. You once again check to make sure names and valentines are matched up correctly, with a few extra generic ones- just in case ("Happy Valentines Day!" or "You're a pal!").

The boxes set up in a row on each desk (Darn kid with the mom who did his-- of course I'm sitting next to him with my 4-year-old box!) and you slowly move from box to box carefully making sure each gets the appropriate card and a candy (exept for the BFF that gets 2). As you walk around you keep an eye on yours to make sure no one is forgetting to put a card, and taking note of who has the best candy so you can be sure to trade your extra boxes of Nerds (or the billions of Dum-dums and Smarties you are bound to get). At last the moment has arrived to check out the loot. Aside from the Dum-dums and smarties- it's pretty good. And really- even if you can't trade the bad stuff- you figure you can always use it to bribe the younger sibs, who don't know any better, to do things for you (don't deny it! you know you did it!). Heading home there is satisfaction in your heart for another great Valentines Day. You feel the love of the day.

Those were good times...

Dear Future,

Please bless I marry someone who will get me superhero valentines with the good kinds of candy (Twix, Junior Mints, and Dark Chocolate Hershey Bars) on February 14th- No flowers. That's all I want. That'd be great! Thanks!


  1. Well I got a valentine from a 5-year-old boy in my beavers group this year. Brought back some of these good memories. No candy though.

  2. Yes I miss those days much as well, maybe that's really I want to be an elementary teacher so I in a way can relive those days jk. Actually I talked about valentines to my students here in Russia! The boys hated the whole idea of it, it was hillarious!