Friday, January 15, 2010

…when I was 5 and used to think that 16 was old?

…And by the time Barbie was 18 she had a husband (Ken of course- Fun Shavin’ Ken was the best) and 3 kids (including a full-grown adult Barbie doll as the oldest, the medium sized Kelly as the middle child, and a plastic haired little baby Barbie- sometimes substituted with Lego people. I never had a Skipper.) If 16 is old… and by 18 I should have all of life’s necessities- by that I mean a dream house, a husband, 3 kids, qualifications for several jobs (including doctor, lawyer, dentist, and circus animal trainer)- I must have really failed at life.

So in order to make myself feel better for turning 24 today I’ve decided to make a list (I should add “making lists” to my list of obsessions) of accomplishments in my life. Starting from the beginning:

1- Being born on MLK, Jr.’s Birthday- or maybe he was lucky to be born on MINE. Really and just being born in general. It’s tough stuff. (Confession: When I was little I thought I was born on a king’s birthday. It’s true)
2- Learning to walk
3- Learning to read (and by the ripe old of age of 3, I might add. Laura Ingalls Wilder was my author of choice by the age of 5.)
4- Graduating from 2 different preschools (I was just that smart- see above)
5- Finally figuring out what my “Jaw bone” was in Kindergarten- as well as learning to count past 100… 101, 102,103, 104, 105…
6- Being a pretty slick jump roper back in the day. I was tough to beat with my amazing “Teddy Bear” routine- complete with ”tying” my shoes and turning off the light.
7- 4th grade. State Geography Bee. Need I say more? Except all I got was a free pair of skiing tickets—LAAAAMME (for a 10 year old) I sold them to my neighbor for a whopping $30. Hello Easy Bake Oven!
8- Being the cool kid on the block in the Home school group. It’s true… not even lying.
9- Taking quilting 6 times in High School… maybe I liked that class. Don’t judge- just remember #8.
10- Receiving the Guide Dogs for the Blind Youth Scholarship
11- “The Music Man” Chorus member. “Trouble. With a capitol T. That rhymes with P. and that stands for POOOOOOOOLLLL!”
12- Decided that my top favorite musical of all time is Bye Bye Birdie.
13- Took a year and a half of French. Only to remember “Je suis ananana” translated to mean “I am a pineapple”
14- Graduating High School; Graduation- Thumbs down. Diploma- Thumbs up. Awesome tassel made from yellow yarn- priceless. (true story)
15- Being able to tell the different *NSYNC member by their voice. (Tested my skills a few weeks ago. I still got it. BSB I was mostly good. 98* Semi good)
16- Musical genius that I am… 14 years of piano lessons, 3 years of flute (I quit because it was too easy), and learning to play the harmonica and the kazoo all on my own (not at the same time) and I can still play all of them competently.
17- Raising 8 Guide Dog Puppies… 2 working Guide Dogs (Judith and Maryjo), 4 Career Changes (Vinnie, Novak, Cessna, and Marcella), and 2 in the undecided stages (Monet and Joaquin). P.S. I might be a nerd. But it’s fine. I will NEVER be a crazy dog lady- my limit is 2.
18- Never once getting a cavity.
19- One word: Braces.
20- Passing Math 1030 with an almost A.
21- Serving in the most amazing mission ever. OPM!!
22- Learning ASL. Kind of forced on me by #18 but I love it anyway.
23- Becoming an interpreter even after I swore I never would after a semester in the Program at SLCC… Good thing #18 and #19 happened.
24- Blowing 3 head gaskets in 5 years- and two of them in one day. Impossible you say? I say nay. Don’t worry… no more shall I wait so long for an oil change.
25- Attending EFY 4 times as a participant and 1 time attending YFE in Nauvoo, ILL which leads to #20
26- Being an EFY counselor. Getting 3 hours of sleep every night, walking at least 6 miles a day, dancing for 3 hours 2 times a week, eating the same food every day for 8 weeks including pizza/junk food every Wednesday night until you want to be sick, trying to pump up 30-50 teenagers who sometimes don’t want to be there- can I just say BEST JOB EVER!
27- Associates Degree. I make fun of it- but it’s a mile marker and now I have a real tassel (that’s not made out of yarn) like the cool kids to hang in my rearview mirror.
28- 2 weeks ago I folded my clothes right after they came out of the dryer. Not so for last week… or this week.
29- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. This one time I did the whole thing and didn’t want to die after. I wish that was a daily occurrence- usually I want to die after. Its fine.
30- Making it to 24. The End.

Take all that, put it on a pink serving tray, cut it into nice appetizer size pieces, put a napkin in your lap, and eat it, Barbie.


  1. This has got to be one of the best posts I've ever read! Great job! Jillian always makes me want to die!

  2. woohoo! so accomplished at 24, this is amazing!