Monday, March 8, 2010

....I had the best friends in the world?

Not even kidding.

You can be jealous if you want to-- but it's true. I must admit I'm totally jealous of myself.

Here are several examples of my friends awesome-ness:

Well seeing as how a few weeks ago there was a CEREAL PARTY... how could they not be awesome? Really! I love the fact that we can all do random silly things- completely sober I might add- and we can have the most fun time doing it. Last week? Waffle Party... seriously.

Then... tonight, my friend (who is, in fact going to be an EFY counselor with me this summer) and I are going to have our very own EFY-inspired dace party (once again... judge and and be jealous!) What better songs to rock out to than "We Like to Party" from the Venga Boys, "Move it Like This" from Baha Men, and "The Party's Just Begun" from the Cheetah Girls? And what makes it 10 times better is that there are choreographed dances to go along with each song. Dances with great names like "Peanut Butter & Jelly" and "Baha Men #1". (Must I repeat the fact that you should be extremely jealous at the thought of having amazing friends that not only deal with this love of EFY but PARTICIPATE in it?)

Although there are many examples of these awesome people the last is simply that I can call and talk to them. I'm a total texter-- but I love that I can just call. I just got off the phone with one of my favorite people in the world. (I have several favorite people in the world-- but Ben is one of my top favorite people and he doesn't text) It was a good conversation... Really, I can talk to any of them about anything and I love it.

Oh yeah... and we're having a Disney/Showtunes sing-along sometime in the near future... LOVE IT!

To my friends:

You're the best.
Can we please be Friends forever?
I'd like that.


  1. I have an idea, Erin. Let's be friends ;) You can come play with us!