Tuesday, March 9, 2010

... I offered to you my pearls of wisdom? I know you wanted them...

Today was a people watching day. It was also a learning day.
Just in case you don't want to learn these lessons on your own... I'll share some of the knowledge I've gained today. (yes.. just one day-- and it's only 4:00!)

1. Taking a nap in a warm car before work is a good thing
**Bonus: You can tan one leg and one arm at the same time if it's sunny!
2. When trying to eat healthy... It's best to eat some junk food sometimes. Even though it doesn't fill me up- it's soooo delicious.
3. One-way signs sometimes are just a suggestion for some people... but usually they aren't. In fact, most traffic signals aren't just suggestions.
4. Couches should not be left outside during the rain. That's gross.
5. Although there are good days and bad days (like in any job) Being a Sign Language Interpeter is one of the best student jobs in the world. I love it.
6. A gym membership is a waste of money. I can stay home from the gym for free.
7. No matter when a test is due- the testing center is never open late enough and tests are never available long enough.
8. Facebook is the anti-homework drug... in a bad way.
9. If you are really thirsty- don't get ice in your water- you could choke while little over-excitedly trying to satisfy that thirst. No Bueno!
10. Don't carry around too many books in your backpack... it hurts your shoulder... and if you have a purse too- that is no fun!

Treasure these little nuggets. They'll come in handy one day...

More to come... but I don't want to overload you with all this knowledge... seriously could be hazardous.

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