Friday, March 26, 2010

...I was a procrastinator?

"Hi. My name's Mickelle and I'm a procrastinator."

It's true. It can be a problem sometimes... really alot of times. I really should join a group or something (P.A.? Procrastinators Annonymous? Although meetings would probably never happen- they'd just keep putting it off. In fact... I'll do that... one day...later...)

But... let me share with you the secret to being a sucessful procrastinator:

Being able to get things done last minute.

If something needs to be done I get it done much more efficiently at 11:59 than 2 weeks before. I really wish it wasn't like this- but it's true. As I type this I think of all the things I need to do but I probably won't do it until it HAS to be done.

-Powerpoint Slides for Management Class- Due Monday night
-Marketing Plan for Marketing Class- Due Saturday night
-Watch and Eval Video for ICAN- Due Saturday at 1
-Accounting Homework- Due Monday
-Accounting Test- Due by Next Friday at 3
-Progress Report- Due Next Thursday night
-Check out book "Tuesday" and record a video of me signing it- Due Next Friday

It's ridiculous... good thing I have a planner to keep all this stuff straight- or I would have to be early for everything...


  1. Is it ironic that I'm reading this as a way of procrastinating on my progress report that's due at midnight?

  2. I agree!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't love being stress, but actually don't mind it. Stress makes me work harder and think more clearly. Things always seem to work out better if they are done the day before because the stress kicks in and magic happens. Stress????, I eat that for breakfast.