Thursday, April 1, 2010

...actually I don't want to remember that one time...

April Fools.

One of the most ridiculous holidays I think- besides Valentines. People say it's because I'm bitter. I'm not. I had an "Un-Valentines date" last year- The boy I was dating at the time knew I didn't like it and took me out the day before. I was unimpressed- although I never not enjoy a little Olive Garden. My current boyfriend thinks he's going to make me like it next year. I just tell him it's a long ways away. I just think it's a silly holiday after the age of 12... see here.

Anyway... enough of that...

Back to why April Fools brings back memories... memories I would rather forget.

In my family my dad and 20-year old brother (who is now on a mission in Argentina) have always had this ongoing prank war every April 1st. I'm not gonna lie. They are pretty creative. They've done everything from the classic "rubber-band-on-the-sink-sprayer" to things I'm sure have been erased from my memory in order to stay sane.

The one I remember most (but wish was included in that list of "erased from memory") has affected my eating habits for life.

Ever had Mint Oreos? yeah... I can't eat them anymore.

First, let me tell you- I love Chocolate and mint. Thin Mints, Cookies and Mint Ice Cream, Even when I was younger I always got the Chocolate-mint floride treatment at the dentist. So when word in the house is that there are Mint OREOS I was all over that. (This was long before Nabisco introduced the Real stuff) My Dad was so kind to give me one... Let me remind you that it is April 1st. AND my dad has his game plans already in action to get my brother this year... yeah. Mint Oreos... Or regular Oreos with TOOTHPASTE inside. I'm pretty sure it took me a couple chews before I realized it did NOT taste right. Then my dad informed me of his April Fools joke... To this day I can't even look at a package of mint oreos (I would love them had this incident not happened- I've tasted them before- they taste good- but the memories...) without thinking "TOOTHPASTE"...

So, please, if you visit me on April Fools day- I'd prefer you not celebrate it.

Just call me Grinch.

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