Thursday, July 1, 2010

...I was feeling generous...and sick?

There are so many things you can take out of the different experiences that life brings us. But really... that's just hard work. To make is easy on yourself why not learn from others experiences so you don't have to? So, just because I'm a nice person- I'm here to help.

10 things I learned from having a fever, cough, achey body, headache, and not wanting to eat for 5 days.

1. 87 degrees is not an apporopriate temperature for a house while sick- or really while well. (Thank goodness for amazing dads that fix anything- including swamp coolers!)

2. Ceiling fans can turn 2 ways- apparently one way is for winter and the other way is for summer. 3. Daytime TV is NOT delightful- no wonder everyone takes AFTERNOON naps- Boooriing.

4. While one blanket on the couch during the day might be enough- one at night is NOT enough- at least 2, sometimes 3 are needed.

5. Boyfriends are really good to have on hand to bring soup, medicine, heating pads, and anything else that is needed. (Find one like mine and you should be fine)

6. Best Medications? Tylonol (the one for muscle and back aches) and Ibuprofen- Good stuff

7. Keeping the whole house clean is impossible. There will always be the "sicky corner"- normally near the couch with the TV. The meds are there, the water bottle is there, the laptop is there, phone charger, and pretty much everything else you've ever used over the last few days is there.

8. Number one favorite sick food? Otter Pops! Really this is pretty much all I ate for 4 days- I might have had a bowl of soup from Rick, some plain toast, and a smoothie- but really- Otter pops are the only thing that sustained my life.

9. Beween 1 and 3 is the best time to take a nap because there is truly nothing on TV. (Unless you call Maury and re-runs of Matlock something)

10. Don't make any plans for later in the week "because I should be better by then." Not true. Just take the week off. You'll need it.

Hope your sickness goes that much smoother because of these little tips...

...Or If you'd rather not impliment these and figure things out for yourself- go for it. I double dog dare you.

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  1. oh Mickelle! How I miss you! The days till we can have a casta vida run are drawing nearer! Be excited!