Saturday, July 17, 2010

...non-committal love abounded?

Let me explain something at EFY everyone loves everyone. Really. I'm not kidding.

There are times, though, when side-hugs, EFY strikes (which is a dying breed this year, of which I am deeply saddened), and escorting is not enough to show that love. What to do when this happens?

Pick-up lines. Yes, that's right. In a place where handholding, guy-girl front hugs, and bear-hug dancing is not allowed-- pick up lines are. The cheesier, the better. They are frequently used to express the non-commital love we have for each other. Here are a few of the faves. (Some of these might be EFY specific and might not make sense but I still enjoy them so they get to go up here.) This list is dedicated to Ricky Denno, EFY counselor and master of the art of pick up lines.

  • "Hey, Is your name Virtue? 'Cause you garnish MY thoughts unceasingly" (See D&C 121:45)
  • "Do you like water? [yes] Then you like 75% of my body!"
  • "Hi My name's Mickelle but you can call me Tonight."
  • "I need to leave EFY can you check me out?" (double meaning there... catch it? eh?)
  • "I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... uh... I'm Batman."
  • "Hey, do you happen to have a sewing kit? [no] You can borrow mine because you look RIPPED!"
  • "Want to go to EFY with me? Because I'm Especially For YOU."
  • "Ah! I dropped something... *look around on the ground*... oh! It was just my jaw when I saw you."
  • "Hey, do my eyes match my shoes? [they look] You just checked me out!"
  • "You're hot and you're bright- that's why your mom calls you 'son/sun'."
  • "You're so hot you make fire stop, drop, and roll!"
  • "You're so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line."
  • "Will you hold this for me? (offer their arm)
  • (At dinner) "So do you know what you want? [no] I know what I want. (look at them)"

That's all I have for now, but don't you worry there are lots more. Feel free to add on to this list... I enjoy them... especially when I get use them in my favorite non-commital way.

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