Sunday, July 18, 2010

...I wanted to do a back flip?

This post is dedicated to Courtni Hall, my secret twin. I promised her I would do it and here it is:

A little background:

Last week, as we are getting ready for the kids to show up for EFY check-in, (notice how EFY is my life in the summer) Courtni and I begin a serious discussion. A discussion on how sometimes when you are standing in a big area (gym/park/hall) we get the urge to want to do a back flip. Now I would just like to make it clear: I have never done a back flip- not even on the trampoline. I can barely do a front flip on the trampoline. Really, it's more like a somersault in the air because I can't land it...

Annnyywaaayy... As we are discussing this- another urge comes over us (because we are one person and all: Courtelle): We both feel the need to kick the fire alarm. You know the kind with the big plastic thing over it?

We don't want to "LIFT HERE", we want to kick it. Jackie Chan style. (or Chuck Norris- whichever you prefer.)

So in honor of these immature urges Courtni and I had, I've decided to share. I know most of you secretly have the same feelings. It's okay. It's normal. Maybe it will help knowing there are other struggling with the same thing.
So, I give you-

10 things I really want to do but can't because I'm 24 and I would get in trouble and/or hurt

  1. A back flip

  2. Kick the fire alarm

  3. Fill a whole room with unrolled toilet paper (I will unroll it myself) and jump in it

  4. Squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube into the sink (Anyone read Ramona books?)

  5. Knock all the food off the shelf at the store by running down the isle with my arm out.

  6. Hang onto the garage door until it gets to the top.

  7. Make shadow puppets at the movies on the screen.

  8. Speaking of movies- bring a mattress, pillow and blanket to the movies and set up camp there.

  9. Break a DVD/CD

  10. Throw a pie at someone.

This list- as always- is not complete. But now that you know I'm all crazy, I feel better about life, because you know you've always wanted to do these things too.

Don't judge...

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  1. I don't comment on blogs a lot, but had to share. Not to judge since there are a few "I've been there and done that."

    # A back flip (Best to do on a surface that is comfortable to land on)

    # Kick the fire alarm (only fun if the fire alarm is connected and works)

    # Hang onto the garage door until it gets to the top. (Did this with a friend and her head got stuck...we didn't do it again.)

    # Break a DVD/CD (easier said than done, freebies in the mail or scratched beyond use are best to work with...try one in the microwave.)

    # Throw a pie at someone. (serious waste if said pie contains tasty fruit.)

    I fully admit I'm crazy, just not homicidal. And yet, I've been told my delinquency side is tame.