Saturday, January 23, 2010

...Mickelle had a little lamb?

Meet Joey.
My roommate, Lindsey named him. He is awesome. Joey has had a hard life and here is his story:

My friend is moving to Texas soon so she asked if I wanted to come over to look through some things she was getting rid of. Going through the pile of kitchen items was great- I got a small pot (finally don't have to use the huge pot to make one box of Mac and Cheese), a splatter cover (name? who doesn't need one of those!), a few cookie sheets, brownie pans, and a few other kitchen items. Basically I was pretty satisfied with my collection until... I saw it! The creme de la creme of all kitchen items: Joey's mother! It was basically amazing... really. How many LAMB PANS can you find in your life? I know... and if you make it with white cake, white frosting, and shredded coconut you might think you're looking at Mary's companion herself. Don't you worry- I snagged that right up and thus JOEY was born. Joey is a funfetti cake. Joey has Cream Cheese frosting. Joey has melted chocolate detailing (you would never know that I really DO know how to decorate cakes- I didn't have any of my stuff though). He also has red raspberry jelly filing- just for fun. We surpised Lacy with him last night... I don't think she was impressed. We had a carving of the lamb ceremony. Special thanks to Lindsey for serving as Honorary Executioner. Joey you will be missed by all...

In memory of Joey the Lamb; 1/22/2010; 3:27 pm- 7:42 pm

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