Sunday, January 3, 2010

...I loved Bubble Wrap?

So... you might think I'm slightly crazy but I love it. Bubble wrap is awesome... In fact in a few weeks I think I'm going to have a 100 things to do with bubble wrap party but I need some ideas. So far what we have is:
*Sledding: Who doesn't want to sled down a hill on a sheet of popping plastic bubbles? Really?
*Timed contest: This can be done with wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and rolling on the ground to see who can pop the most or- the more traditional- with your hands.
okay that might be all I have... I need a 100 things to do with bubble wrap- because who wants to come to a "2 things to do with bubble wrap" party?


  1. 100 is a lot...I mean it's 98 more than 2...maybe you should start with a "10 things to do with bubble wrap" party...and then build from there...

  2. So I just have to say that I love to read your blog....i laugh out loud literally everytime...u so silly... Oh and an idea for bubble wrap: Sumo Wrestling wrapped up in Bubble Wrap...arms and ya I love it. I can totally see you sumo'n it up down there in Utah.