Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...there was a creeper at Maverik?

Dear Creeper at Maverik-

When I went to get gas last night I thought it would be normal. I thought. I pulled into the Maverik station and started filling with my normal unleaded gasoline... then you showed up and had to ruin my consentration. "Hi! How are you?"... now that it's a fine question. "Where are you going?" That was my first tip off that you might be a creeper... it's a fine question for a plane...a train... or even a bus- but at a gas station? "Where do you work?"...my confirmation that indeed, I did have a creeper either a) hitting on me (NOT the way to do it. Can you say Interrogation?) or b) trying to follow me home to do unspeakable things. (maybe you're just a "nice guy"- maybe nice isn't the word... friendly?- but still deserve the label creeper.) And as I put the gas handle back and jumped in my car as fast as I could (without my reciept or writing down anything in relation to how much I spent. Okay. I'm OCD. I have a Gas Log. It's fine.) - I could barely hear your last question of "What do you do for work?"... Don't worry I took the long way home and made sure you didn't follow me home. I won't give in to your creeper ways. So, please Mr. Creeper- don't creep around me again.


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