Saturday, January 9, 2010

...I loved Dance Parties? Always and Forever

How to have a Dance Party:

1. Pick a location: This does not need to be planned in advance- but some suggestions are:
  • In the Car; my favorite. Just dance it up
  • In the Kitchen; while doing the dishes is best
  • In your Room; Great for all out dance moves
  • In the Grocery Store; For an extra awesome experience
  • In the Church Parking lot; P.S. Amazing! Especially with cars driving past you
  • At a planned Dance Party...
2. Pick a song: Again- this does not need to be planned in advance but a major rule is you cannot let a designated Dance party song go by on the radio without dancing it out.. Some Suggestions are: (go ahead judge all you want.)
  • "You can't stop the Beat"- Hairspray
  • "Nobody's Perfect"- Miley Cyrus (or maybe that's Hannah singing...?)
  • "You and Me" - Plain White T's
  • "You Gotta Be Sincere"- Bye Bye Birdie
  • "Mama Mia"-Abba
  • "Thriller"- Gotta throw a little MJ in the mix
  • "Here We Go" -*NSync
  • "Man, I feel like a Woman" -Shania Twain
  • "1,2,3,4" -Plain White T's
  • "We Go Together" - Grease

and for all you EFY folks out there where it's mandatory to dance party with:

  • "We Like to Party" -Venga Boys (EAT IT!)
  • "Move it Like This" - Baha Men (I can shake it like that!!)
  • "Best Years of our Lives" - Baha Men (Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh!)
  • "The Party's just Begun" -Cheetah Girls (Rawr, Rawr!)
3. DANCE! You can throw a little- or a lot- of lipsynching... or just rock it out! The magnitude of the Dance Party is up to you... just if it's in a car- don't run yourself or others off the road. I will not be held responsible for that...

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