Sunday, January 3, 2010

...I was slightly scared for next semester?

That is all. I looked at the syllabus for my Marketing class and that sent my poor brain into scared mode. P.S. to teachers If you want your students to do well... don't scare them. They might freak out before the first assignment is due... not good. It will be good though- lots will be learned and life will be busy. I'm just really glad I have a job I can study at. (love it!)
So... Starting tomorrow the races begin. The organization of the backpack, the planner filled out with due dates, and the race to the last parking space on all of the WSU campus (true story!) begins... and Spring Semester 2010 I say unto you:

Bring it on...bring it on- but not too hard because I really want to pass...and I really want that last parking spot too...


  1. Lol! I'm scared and I haven't even gotten registered for classes!!

  2. awww...come on 'kelle...don't be scared! it won't be too bad, and there will be plenty of parking spots in a few weeks when the losers decide they don't need to go to class.

  3. Are you calling me a loser, Linds? ;)

  4. no...I'm calling the people who don't go to class losers...right???