Saturday, January 2, 2010

...I hadn't blogged since last year?

I never get tired of that joke. Really... it's true. I think I say it every year to every one. It's fine.

So... I think I might have to add to my obsession list. It might be getting out of control... maybe one day I'll whittle it down- but until then- I'll enjoy adding to the minagerie of things I dwell on on a regular basis. So here's, Obsessions; take two:
-The Pizza Factory; who doesn't like giant twists of breakstick on a stick and FABULOUS Zuchinni noodles? I might or might not be slowly converting my friends so when we ask "Where should we go for dinner?" they all think "PIZZA FACTORY" for those who don't live in Utah- it's shame.

-Gilmore Girls; This should have been on my previous list. Basically I'm moving to Stars Hollow, CT to live out the rest of my life. I'll marry Kirk or Meshel or something-- orrrrr not and maybe I just live in Lorelai's basement. Emily should have an extra room or two...Thanks to Annicka for this one. It's like a disease- an amazing disease that makes me love Gilmore Girls.

-My Puppies; at the risk of sounding like a "dog lady"... I do. I love my puppies. But really- who couldn't love them? really... Okay. I admit there are 3 dogs currently in my life on a daily basis- but it's fine. Only one of them is really mine and he lives with my parents. it's fine. The other two are my Guide Dog Puppies... so it's fine...

-Ticket to Ride; Basically my new game I love. if you haven't played- you should. Fun times will be had by all--- seriously Lindsey (my roommate) and I played like 7 times last night at her sisters house.

Maybe I should end this- at risk of disclosing too much information- I have to remain somewhat mysterious... you can't all know that I'm seriously OCD. It could happen that you might already know that- but it's fine.

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