Friday, January 22, 2010

...I was un-entertaining?

Sometimes I just have the urge to blog. I don't know what it is... it's just like need that I need to get on the computer and write something random for all to see and roll their eyes at. I try to think of something interesting, amusing, or fun to write about and that's about where it stops. All through my day I think "Wow that would be something to blog about" WRONG... why? because by the time I get anywhere I will have already forgotten it and really it probably wasn't too interesting anyway because pretty much I'm at work all day. My day of work consists of going to a Math class-- sitting while my student does his work (it's a self-paced class) usually I engross myself in my Marketing homework. (thrilling.) This sitting is sometimes interupted when the teacher has an announcement or the student has a question. Then it's off to the Auto shop (one day you WILL hear about that) where, once again the siting resumes. Sometimes this aforementioned urge hits while I'm reading my Marketing book, or maybe while I'm hitting up the March 2005 Readers Digest (We have a billion old issues that I steal to take to work.)... if I'm lucky it's while I'm doing my accounting homework. Don't you all wish I actually wrote these thoughts and posted them? Yeah me too... Although they might bring up some pretty scary perceptions of me. So be glad I am in control of my blogging bug. Be glad the world does not have to deal with the fact that I am obsessed... at least in public. It's pretty awesome... once I satisfy this intate need to blog later in the day when I am more sane, I can move on with my life.
P.S. I really do love my job... Where else do you get paid to do homework and read Readers Digest? And I love that I get use my ASL every day.


  1. Glad I'm not the only who walks around going, what will happen today that I can blog about. Its almost worse than a Diary! lol

  2. oh definitely worse... it's an obsession.