Sunday, December 13, 2009

...I was an official Alumni?

Associate of Arts

Adams, Burke
Amaral, Jacob
Arnold, Xela
Bartholf, Ashley
Bate, Jared
Boyer, Lane...

...Myers, Mickelle Elizabeth...

...Wilson, Jason
Wolthuis, Alex B
Woodson, William T

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I think it's funny what a big deal peole make about graduation- ESPECIALLY the fact that I'm only getting my associates in GENERAL ED! Seriously guys... not that big of a deal... I went to pick up graduation stuff the other day (I paid for the cap and gown- I'm getting it- it could be the future halloween costume or something. Plus I'm always up for a "Free gift"- aka a polyester bag that says "WSU Alumni" on it) and it was ridiculous. I was asked to buy a class ring, join the alumni associating, and get my picture taken in my awesome purple robe. Don't worry guys-- I'm signed up for next semester. It's all good-- I'll be back in about a year then you can sell me a class ring (maybe... not), attempt (unsucessfully- but with more reason) to get me to join the alumni association, and take my picture (no I probably won't buy it) but really? I'm just there for the free gift... hey- one can never have too many purple polyester bags!

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  1. I graduated in the spring, but I'm back at the same school for one more year. This week got a letter from our alumni association ... asking me for money (to fund scholarships or something). Hello, I'm still at the school and paying tuition - how about they give ME money!