Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...it was FINALS WEEK and I loved *NSync!?... ps this is random. really.

Yes... it's the most wonderful time of the year. No-- I don't mean the holiday season- I mean... FINALS WEEK! Only one more to go tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Honestly, I don't get too freaked out over final tests-- mostly over final projects and those were finished last week. It was a good day. Met with the Interpreting Coodinator at Weber to see what their need is there (it would be nice to work closer to school), took a final, and on the way back to my car the Missionaries stopped me to ask me if I was taking an institute (religion class) class this semester. (well.... I'm registered for one- attending? Maybe not s much as I should-- okay I've gone like 5 times this semester... FAIL! I'm such a bad RM! Good thing there aren't grades. I will go next semester- I signed up for "Teachings of Isaiah" Sooooo excited!)

I DID stop at FYE on the way home from taking my Operating Systems Final to use my $10 gift card I got for listening to a promo lecture about Windows 7 in that class (sometimes- it pays to... go to class.) I got 2 new CD's-- Don't worry I expect you to be super jealous when I tell you which ones... "*NSync; Home for the Holidays" and "Broadway favorites"... I know. You just can't help it. I'M jealous of ME! I used to have the *NSync one on tape-- that's right CASSETTE TAPE-- but alas... it has disappeared with the majority of my music since being gone for 18 months (it's like I died or something!) So on the way home- I rocked out to good old school Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris (okay maybe I had a problem when I was15- along with every other 15 year old girl) I'm not gonna lie though... they got really trashy with their 2nd and 3rd CD's. Next time you hum a little "Tearin' up my Heart" or "(God must have spent) A Little More Time on You"... think of me... It will make you smile. It's good for the brain during Finals Week.

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