Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...Blind dates were ridiculous with a capitol RIDICULOUS?

"Would you be willing to be set up on a blind date with my friend?"
"Hey! I have a cousin that would be PERFECT for you. Date?"
"Can I give my brother your number?"

Okay I'm just as guilty as the next person of trying to play cupid. It's true. It's like a chronic sickness or something- or an innate need to make people go on awkward dates together. (Although sometimes I will join them on this awkward fest with an awkward date of my own- good times) But seriously?
The thought process that goes into a typical blind date set up:

"Hmm... Mary and Dave are both Single. I should set them up."

The End.

No "What do they have in common (besides them both being single)"
No "Hmm... I guess Mary is 35 with a masters degree and Dave is 21 and just getting his GED- it could be a problem"
No "There really could be a chance for this relationship to last"

Oh P.S. it doesn't work. You have to make sure there's something to discuss other than what color your toothbrush is or "This one time on my mission..." (Way to represent RMs!)

Correct way:

"Hmm... Mary is a sweet girl. She loves to go hiking and is majoring in Art History... I was talking to Dave the other day and he mentioned he just got back from study abroad in Italy and loved the museums there. He seems to like to do outdoor stuff- Maybe they would like to go out"

Good game right there.

Next is the question should a) the person setting the blind date up set the place and time to meet or should you b) give the girls number to the guy and hope he calls- yelling at him if he doesn't call within a week?

I don't know the answer to that... My opinion? I really prefer the guy calling me but once I hear the "I'll give him your number and he'll get back to you" I pretty much assume I won't hear from them so then if I DO-- I'm pleasently surpised.

Once I'm on the date- it's fine. Whatever... I just like to have fun- I've never had anything serious come from a blind date but it's been known to happen with other people. Maybe one day I won't have to worry about people looking at me and think "She's got such a great personality- it's a wonder she's not married yet. Oh I know this great single guy..."

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