Thursday, December 17, 2009

...I was no-so-secretly in love with Sam' Club?

Ode to Sam’s Club

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
Mostly for the free samples
They feed my hungry starving student tummy

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
Where the food is abundant
Where else can you buy an 86 oz can of Pineapple?

Oh how I love Sam's Club
The miracles from that warehouse
Potstickers, Pomegranite Ice Cream, and Toaster Streudels for life.

Oh how I love Sam’s Club
My little blue card admits me
It is a key into the wondrous world that is Sam’s

Here’s a little student tip for all you out there… If you are a college Student- with a student ID- you can get a $15 gift card to Sam’s/Wal*Mart (yes Wal*Mart has a star in the middle. It’s what makes it Wal*Mart) for getting a Sam’s Club membership. Best part is? You can have a friend (aka mom) sign up with you and split the cost- $20 for you $20 for them and you get the gift card…Meaning… 40-20-15= total cost to you=5 bucks for a membership. That’s what I said…Oh how I love Sam’s Club. (I’m sure I would love Costco too but I don’t have a membership to that—nor have I tried… I should though… think they have a college membership? I’d be okay with that.) …mostly for the free sample lunches.

So hats off to you Sam… for letting me in your club.

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  1. We only have Costco here, which I do love ... but pretty sure I would love Sam's club more - if only for the name.