Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...laughing was awesome?

Advice: I love to laugh. the end. Especially when I'm sitting in a dirty auto shop class- laptop on an even dirtier metal workbench- with twenty 17-year-olds around to watch me. I won't lie. It's fun and I just did it like 2 seconds ago. LOVE IT!!

times when I don't like laughing: School Computer Labs. This one time...at school... I was trying to do some homework and there was a crazy girl just on the other side of me snickering...okay the appropriate term is "LOL" (or is that L'ingOL or LOLing? VOTE!) at some YouTube video she was watching. It was ridiculous- if I was the lab aide I would have talked to her. really.

but again... I love laughing. Next time you laugh- think of me- Especially when people don't know why you're laughing. It's great. Recommended for all ages.

the end. :)

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