Wednesday, December 23, 2009 was the end of old things?

Final grades were posted which means...

old homework can officially go in the trash. There's something fulfilling about trashing all the old stuff you've been holding onto for a semester- "just in case". It's a tradition I look forward to every 4 months... Meaning a new start of a new and better semester.

Also fulfilling... ripping up the mentor records I'll never need again! With my previous provisional interpreting license I needed to send these things in once a month-- proving I did 12 hours of monthly mentorship with someone who is certified and got at least 15 workshop hours every 6 months...Now I only need 20 hours of Workshop hours a year. I'm CERTIFIED! Can I just say I am in love with the fact that I will no longer need these:

So heres to throwing stuff away... Especially when it means moving on to new and better things is in the future... :)

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