Thursday, December 3, 2009

...I was obsessed with several things in my life?

Frosted Mini-wheats. I'm obsessed with them. Really is there any better way to get your "6% of daily fiber"? really? They're made of Wheat. They're Mini (adorable!). AND they're frosted. really?

This summer while I worked as a counselor for EFY (another thing i'm obsessed with) and while I was at the MTC (check out all these Mormon acronyms- EFY=Especially for Youth- it's a kind of summer church camp; and MTC=Missionary Training Center- I was there for 9 weeks before going to Oregon- I'm obsessed with Oregon too. It's fine) I ate Life cereal like everyday. It's basically the best but usually I can't see myself spending $5 for a box of cereal. Right now I have found a replacement... with Frosted Mini-wheats. Other things I'm obsessed with:

  • My car
  • Heaters
  • My GDB gloves
  • Prepping my Sunday School Lesson 3 weeks in advance
  • Scarves (so maybe I'm cold at the moment)
  • Blog-stalking/Facebook-stalking
  • My awesome blue and white zig-zag stripped Dress (it's hot; $.97-at-Old-Navy-hot)
  • Earrings
  • Certain people- Not in a weird-creepy way. promise.
  • Certain words- "LOVE IT!" "Awesome" "Totally" "Fabulous" "Adorable" ect... Amen
  • Christmas Music
  • Acapella Music- seriously- it's awesome.
  • Beatboxing! I want to learn
  • Talks on CD (What could be better? honestly. Especially the ones for teenagers- John Bytheway, Andrew Horton, Curtis Jacobs... LOVE IT!)
  • The fact that I passed my test
  • Jumping in an excited fashion
  • Gingerbread houses (Friday. 6:45. the church on Cherry Lane. Be there)
  • Cake shows (Ace of Cakes, Challenge, Amazing Wedding Cakes- they infect my DVR at the moment)
  • "Say Yes to the Dress" (also an epidemic on the DVR)
  • Minnesota Accents. I want one. Amen.
    and once again...
  • Frosted Mini-wheats
  • EFY
  • Oregon!
It's true.

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  1. Mickelle I gotta tell ya this new blog is HILARIOUS!!! Keep it up!!